Jiayuguan Public security memory 2021 | protect peace sword out of scabbard

Ping an Jiayuguan, has become a shining city name card;The practical sense of security fills the hearts of the people.Xiongguan public security is the deterrent force and the barrier of peace.The sword out of its scabbard shows the true color of iron army.Pay without regret, for peace and peace.”Reunion” action gather people’s support, “Kunlun” action show prestige, “broken card” action cut the source……Reform, development and stability cannot be achieved without the escort of the public security.People’s well-being depends on the protection of loyal guards.To fight crime, protect safety, fulfill the mission and live up to the great trust, jiayuguan Public security team is always a strong fighting force that the Party and the people can fully trust, and also fully confident, confident and capable of escorting the construction of safe Jiayuguan.The river is calm, the world is safe.Focus on social security difficulties, loyalty to bear, dare to act;Clean up the crime, clear the clouds, Haiyan Heqing.Looking back to 2021, the public security of Jiayuguan bravely undertakes the mission and dares to struggle, and goes all out to make Jiayuguan safer politically, more stable socially and more peaceful for the people.In spring, summer, autumn and winter, the fields crisscrossed by fields, with golden shields and cast iron walls.In order to make the security field more comprehensive, the people more satisfied, and the governance system more scientific, the public security police are willing to be ordinary heroes, all courageously compete for the lead.Looking back, every day in 2021 is as clear as yesterday, let a person unforgettable — 2021 voice, that is “the epidemic is currently, the police will not retreat” clang zhengzheng oath, is “the community police, everyone is safe” people praise, is the memorial service tore heart crack lung “I miss you”…In countless brave, affectionate, missing voice, people clearly hear the sonorous footsteps of peace.2021 has a taste, it is too late to wipe off the sweat on the patrol road, is the security scene hastily swallowed lunch box, is the car driver received instant noodles, biscuits, is the police festival warm people sent milk tea……Human fireworks, laughter and songs, let happiness bloom in the hearts of the people of Jiayuguan.2021 has color, is the charge in the front, brave responsibility of the “police blue”, is the cold night street flashing red and blue police lights……Countless colors depict the great United States of China, dizzy dyed out of the “people’s police for the people” moving picture scroll.Does the practical work in-depth development from “the masses” practice to advance the anti-triad putting the normalized, from efforts to carry out the “reunion” “kunlun” “broken card” “net net net” edge “and other special operation to down on illegal and criminal, and a sword drawn, one add grand make people more and more deeply understand the jiayuguan public security.This is an interlocking process of implementation — we must firmly adopt an overall national security concept and intensify efforts to combat the enemy in areas such as social stability, counter-terrorism and riot control.Improve the emergency response mechanism, to ensure that a series of major nodes through the smooth, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party security and other security maintenance work successfully completed, guarding the bottom line does not affect the political security events, was awarded by the provincial department.This is a vigorous follow-up action — Adhering to the vision of people-centered development, we have carried out regular campaigns to crack down on criminal gangs and evil, and resolutely cracked down on telecom and Internet fraud, cross-border gambling, illegal gun trafficking, robbery, robbery and fraud, pornography, gambling, drug trafficking, and food and drug trafficking. Both the number of crackdowns and the rate of solving criminal cases have increased.Down on fraud crime, promote to build “national electric fraud prevention, the whole society against fraud, all p electrical fraud” work pattern, early warning and prevention and control of telecom fraud “compression” APP coverage reached 70% of the actual population, the city telecom fraud cases total number have dropped a turning point for the first time in nearly five years, drug investigation number comfortably leading the case,The situation of drug control in The city shows a good trend of “four reduction”, which effectively guarantees the safety of people’s lives and property.This is the implementation of gathering strength and concentrating soul — closely combining the study and education of Party history with the education and rectification of public security forces, actively building a “big supervision” work pattern, and making every effort to fight a tough battle against police with an iron fist and to improve the work style and discipline.We made great efforts to strengthen the foundation, strengthen weak links, strengthen weak areas, and plug loopholes. We revised 96 regulations and formulated 23 regulations in a targeted manner, thus improving the permanent and long-term mechanism for comprehensively exercising strict supervision over the Party and the police.The police’s political ability, professional quality, professional level and actual combat ability have been improved.A number of police heroes such as National excellent People’s Police Officer Liu Fengjun and provincial Public Security Fengqiao Dispatch Office have been promoted, which has strongly inspired the police’s morale, promoted the main theme and condensed positive energy.Entering the year of 2022, the sacred Mission is inspiring — Jiayuguan Public Security adhere to the people-centered, practice the original mission, resolutely prevent and crack down on crimes that seriously affect the sense of security of the people, improve the ability and level of safeguarding peace in an all-round way, so that the name card of Jiayuguan is more shining!

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