The NBA landscape is changing, with the Lakers and nets struggling and the Warriors winning nine straight games

The NBA landscape has changed a lot this season. The lakers and Nets, who started the season as the favorites to win the NBA championship, have been terrible lately. The Nets, who were once among the top three teams in the Eastern Conference, have lost nine straight and now fall to eighth place.The Lakers have lost nine of their last 14 games and dropped to no. 9 in the Western Conference, so the nets and lakers are likely to make the playoffs.At the same time, the lakers and the Nets are struggling, but there are several other teams are a bright prospect, the Celtics recently won 6 in a row, has won the Pelicans, heat, New Orleans, Pistons, magic, nets, and once surpassed the Nets into the Eastern Conference 7, the lineup is also extremely good.Raptors also won six straight record in the near future, twice defeated the Miami first eastern, two beat the Atlanta hawks, also beat the bulls with the hornets, there is no doubt that this battle is richer in 6 feet, it also proves that the raptors have terrible potential, even though the team did not like the nets and the Los Angeles lakers star players,But the Raptors seem capable of being a dark horse in the East, sitting in sixth place with a 29-23 record.Golden State, however, hit a slump in the absence of draymond Green, losing four of his first six games, but has bounced back to win nine straight.There are two factors that helped golden State win its ninth straight game without Green. Klay Thompson is getting better, especially when he can be counted on in the clutch, and golden State’s chemistry is getting better, with each player finding their role.Although the warriors of the current record is still in the western conference under the SUNS, but recent show level to observe, from the golden state warriors need to guarantee the overall health, so the warriors seem to have more hope than the SUNS rushed out of the west, the reason is the warriors in comparison with the SUNS have two advantages, one is in the defense of high strength, pool and Mr Thompson hardware solution ability better than booker and Paul,The Warriors have more firepower on offense against a high-intensity defense, and they score more points than the SUNS.That leaves the Warriors with only phoenix to contend with in the western Conference. The Los Angeles Lakers have more talent on paper than the Warriors, but the lakers seem far less tactically savvy than the Warriors, making it difficult for the Lakers to compete.As for the Clippers, if Kawhi Leonard, George are healthy return, then the Clippers still have a hope to stop the Golden State Warriors, unfortunately Leonard’s return possibility is not big, without Kawhi Leonard’s clippers can not resist the footsteps of the Warriors, so in this season golden State Warriors are very hopeful to reach the finals.

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