After the division level civil servant retires, can get how much salary?With 40 years of service, this number is expected

The legend of civil servants has never been broken.College students do not take the exam, as lost a valuable opportunity to compete.Even though the chances of going ashore are small, you should at least try.There are many college students who have this idea, so the number of people who take the exam keeps increasing.The civil service exam is as popular as the college entrance exam.Every year, after the end of the public exam, there is a hot search for relevant news, where thousands of students make fun of their exam questions or share their experience of preparing for the exam.The biggest advantage for civil servants to become popular among college students is stability.As long as you can successfully pass the written test, interview, political review and physical examination, you will have an iron rice bowl for life, without worrying about the consequences of unemployment.The preferential treatment is also the key to attract college students to enter for an examination.The five insurances and housing fund are standard, and the post benefits and allowances are available.At the same time, they can also get a generous pension after retirement, which is often the envy of the public.How much can a division – level civil servant get after retirement?Those who know something about civil service positions should know that there is a standard set of rules for promotion.Not only to see the ability to work, but also to see did not reach the required number of years of work.Some civil servants can become division or deputy when they retire.Normally, such section-level civil servants have 40 years of service.However, due to regional and job restrictions, such people can get different salaries after retirement.Many civil servants anonymously disclosed their own income, let’s take a look.The first is the Beijing civil servant, the retirement level is the department level.He earned 9,200 yuan a month after retiring after 41 years of service.Among them, there are more than 10 million occupational annuity, a calculation is also ok, more content.His wife also has a salary, the two of them do not have to take care of their children also have their own house, life is very happy degree.He said his friend retired in Sichuan province with a salary of more than 5,000 yuan as a deputy minister.The second is the Shanghai municipal civil servant, worked in the municipal government before retirement, reached the deputy department level.With just over 40 years of service, he can get a pension of more than 8000 yuan per month.In the eyes of others such income is not bad, I am not very satisfied.Shanghai has a high level of consumption, and many young people can earn more than 10,000 yuan a month.Just earn what spend much also is much, the salary that comes to the hand still wants reasonable arrangement some time, scrimping ability guarantees life.You’ve worked your whole life, you’ve got something to hold on to.Then there’s the vice-ministerial-level civil servant in Guangdong province, who gets a fixed salary of 13,000 yuan a month, not counting other benefits.My colleagues in the same department all have retirement salaries of over 10,000 yuan.Looks like this department is pretty popular after all.The patchwork benefits add up to 16,000 a month.This is more than in-service civil servants earn a lot, indeed a lot of people choose to become civil servants, is to value the pension this aspect, can only say that the vision is very poison, choose right.Finally, take a look at shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning Province.The civil servant retired in 2010 at the official level, when his retirement salary was relatively low, only 4,000 yuan.With the progress and development of The Times, income has risen a lot.At present, I have received 6200 yuan. Fortunately, I do not have to support my family, so I can withstand the rising prices a little.The old couple’s daily life is not a problem, happiness is also some.Income is not as high as that of first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and consumption level is not as high.You can see some differences in the incomes of these retired civil servants.The income of civil servants in developed areas is indeed very high, and basically can exceed 10,000 yuan.Second-tier and third-tier cities are mostly around 5,000 or 6,000 yuan.In addition, there is a direct relationship between the amount of retirement and length of service.Because of the change in times, civil servants in their fathers’ generation tend to work earlier and for longer.Contemporary college students are 23 years old when they graduate from college, and 27 or 28 years old when they finish graduate school.Even if one succeeds in becoming a civil servant in one year, it will be difficult to work for another 40 years.This also is reminding broad student, take an examination of civil servant to want as early as possible.Registration requirements are under 35 years old, undergraduate students can use the identity of fresh graduates to register.Choose more positions and leave yourself some chance of failure.College students who have just graduated are full of fantasy about the future, and they all have a spirit of hard work. At this time, the learning efficiency is the best, and the understanding of knowledge points is very accurate.The ability to read people is not bad, can see the distribution of the interviewer’s test points.It is easier to play an extraordinary level in the exam, a shore is not a dream.These are the benefits that belong to college students, the advantage of early examination can be too much, must grasp.A lot of people say the end of the university is in the system.Many of the iron rice bowl positions, should be the official pay and high income.It is hard for students not to be tempted by their pensions, which approach five figures.Get ready early. I hope we can all go ashore at once.Today’s discussion: Are you satisfied with the retirement pay of division level civil servants?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Yuan Ma talk about education (the above picture source network, if there is infringement contact delete)

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