In 2015, a man in Yunnan province committed suicide by drinking pills, and police intervened to arrest his wife and neighbors

On October 12, 2015, a man in Yunnan province killed himself after drinking pesticide in a rage over an argument with his wife.However, while the villagers were helping to hold the funeral.The man’s father, but with the police came to the funeral scene, asked to open the coffin to investigate his son’s real cause of death.The scene, which has only been seen in movies and TV shows, has left local villagers in a rage.Five days later, the police took Ms. Liu away for killing Mr. Gao.Why would he murder his husband?Gao Huize, a native of Longtan Village in Fuyuan County, has been married to Liu Wenju for more than 20 years.The two were introduced to each other by a matchmaker. Liu Wenju was from a neighboring village, and they were at the age of marriage.So they fell in love, married and lived together with the consent of their parents.When they first got married, their life was very sweet. Liu Wenju worked hard and did good dishes. Gao Huize also did farm work seriously.As their relationship heats up, they also welcome a new life.The Gao Huize that sees a child can’t help but be delighted, but very soon, the slap of reality gave up two people yearning to new life.With the birth of children, more and more places to spend money, a few acres of thin land in the home, even if tired to death, also can’t let children live a good life.Around 2000, a wave of migrant workers broke out across the country.As more and more people from rural areas leave their homes to work in cities, Gao huize watched the “migrant workers” in his village take home more and more money. He also wanted to make big money.So, after discussing it with his wife, he went to work in the city, returning only once a year or even several years.But every time he returned home, he gave the money to his wife to improve the living conditions of his family.As soon as Gao Huize left, the burden of the family fell on Liu Wenju’s shoulders.From taking care of the elders and children to sowing and harvesting in the fields, she had to do it all by herself.Over time, Liu Wenju gradually had a deep sense of weakness.From heavy farm work, to lonely work, she always like an old cow to complain, but can not get any affirmation.And husband and wife two people get together less leave much, Gao Huize person is dull again, every year rare coexistence moment, also won’t say what self-efficent words, this lets Liu Wenju heart complain is born.At this time, a figure appeared in Liu Wenju’s life.That was Chen Mingben, a neighbor of the Gao Huize family.In Longtan village, Chen Mingben’s enthusiasm has made him a household name, no matter who is in trouble at home, as long as the request is spoken, Chen Mingben will not hesitate to help.In addition, gao and Chen lived near each other, so Liu wenju would ask Chen Mingben to help her with heavy physical work such as moving corn and ploughing land.One way or another, the relationship of two people more familiar, then Liu Wenju heart to this “old man” Chen Mingben, much a few minutes grateful.Liu Wenju Gao Huize went out to work for many years, Chen Mingben did not help Liu Wenju.Plus Chen Mingben is funny, quite know how to take care of people, so in Liu Wenju’s heart, Chen Mingben gradually became the standard of “perfect husband”.In her mind, Gao Hui-taek became an unreasonable wood.The life that strayed from track then falls in Chen Mingben’s help, liu Wenju’s life seemed to open simple mode, and Chen Mingben this man, also took root in Liu Wenju’s heart, became the existence that is superior to her husband.After Chen’s wife died of illness, he became even more considerate towards Liu.Right now their mind is not simple, and the relationship between the two already like a transparent window paper, to see who first across the moral step.In Chen’s account, It was Liu who made the first move, sitting next to him one day after he invited him to finish his farm work, and then began making unnatural physical contact.Chen mingben also pushed the boat along, eventually contributing to the “infidelity” affair.Soon after the two confirmed their relationship, Liu’s youngest child also went to school in the town, where she had a boarding system.Therefore, Liu Wenju and Chen Mingben began to live together.If you don’t know, you think they’re married.But the people of a village are very familiar with this kind of “love news” soon became the talk of the villagers after dinner.Everyone began to pity Gao Hui-taek, the “honest man”, and the story soon reached his ears.When Liu Wenju and Chen Mingben were flirting in the field, they naturally felt others pointing at them, but they did not care, but it seemed that they should be together.Gao Huize asked to work outside the hometown heard his wife cheating rumors, at first he did not care about, thinking that must be everyone’s joke, and there is no evidence, endure a calm.But it wasn’t long before Mr. Ko received a phone call from his father.At the other end of the father was furious, stating that liu wenju did all kinds of bad behavior when his son was not at home, and he warned liu Wenju several times, but still ignored, and continued to stay with Chen Mingben.But if Mr. Ko’s father had known that the call would end his son’s life, he probably would not have brought him back anyway.Gao Huize, who was in the know, was equally angry as the migrant worker who had left home to shoulder the burden of his entire family.The only thing I care about is my wife and daughter.However, Liu wenju’s behaviors destroyed gao Huize’s good care and vision in his heart.Gao Huize felt oppressed immediately resigned to the site, and then returned to his hometown, questioned Liu Wenju, why and Chen Mingben had relations.However, Liu wenju showed no fear and asked, “Who said that?Is there any proof?”So Gao Huize a cavity anger held in the heart no place to talk, leading to his uncertain.Liu wenju, a farm worker, was often verbally abusive and sometimes punched and kicked.”My leaving is to give you a chance.” Gao hui-taek could not speak out and could only treat his wife in the most violent way.Attempt through force, can let Liu Wenju stray, tell him the truth.But in the eyes of Liu Wenju, Gao Huize abnormal home, to him and Chen Mingben “intimate time” brought many obstacles.Also, she didn’t think she was doing anything wrong, she thought it was right, as if she should have chosen a better man.Gao Wenze to her frequently beat and scold just for “deliberately find fault”, “evil”.It was Liu wenju’s indifference to legal consciousness and extreme selfishness that led to the final tragedy.When Goh discovered that his presence did little to change his wife’s infidelity.He began to consciously leave home for a long time, deliberately creating a separate environment for Liu Wenju and Chen Mingben.So one day after he refused Liu wenju’s request to help move corn, and then left, Chen mingben came home.The appearance of Chen Mingben stung Gao Huize’s eyes, and he returned home in anger.And Chen Mingben felt the weird anger between three people, so immediately got up, head also did not return to leave gaos home.Chen Mingben left, Liu Wenju in the face of Gao Huize pulling her hair, no matter how Liu Wenju cries, Gao Huize are indifferent, just with violence to vent the anger in the heart, and the man’s dignity was trampled on unwilling.On the night of October 7, 2015, Gao huize and Liu Wenju went to the fields to do farm work.But the fall of a handful of firewood ignited his anger.He immediately pushed down Liu wenju and shouted, “It doesn’t go well with me, does it?Or comfortable with Chen Mingben?”This excuse to play, reckless violence, completely let Liu Wenju give up.That night, Lying in bed at home, Chen mingben suddenly received a phone call from Liu Wenju.Liu Wenju on the other side of the tears, telling her grievances and unwilling, want to get a little care for Chen Mingben.Instead, Chen advised her to let the couple fight at the end of the bed.But Liu refused, saying, “You helped me kill him!”Chen Mingben is not willing to, although he is enthusiastic, but at least also understand the “crime of murder”.But Liu Wenju’s next two words completely broke Chen’s psychological defense line.”Either he dies or I do.””I’ll live with you when he dies.”It is these two words, in Chen mingben’s view, like the horn of victory, let him regardless of everything.Hang up liu Wenju phone, Chen Mingben immediately chuai home hammer head set out.When he came to Gaos home, he also pulled gao Huize on the bed.After confirming that the other party was already asleep, Chen mingben hit Gao Huize for a whole minute with his hammer.After the end, do not forget to turn on the light, confirm whether the other party is dead.When Chen returned home, he called Liu wenju to tell her of her husband’s death.Liu began to spread rumors in the village that her husband had committed suicide by drinking pesticide.Everything was perfect in their eyes.But when Gao’s father put his son in the coffin, he found bruises all over his body and called the police to investigate.After five days of investigation, the cause and effect of “Ko Hoi-taek’s death” is finally clear.The two people who conspired to kill gao also got legal sanctions, Liu Wenju was sentenced to life imprisonment, Chen Mingben was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve.So far, Liu wenju has not realized what she did wrong.She only regrets that she lost her freedom because of “killing”, so she has no one to raise her children at home.But never for breaking the law, not being faithful to the marriage.After Ms. Liu was imprisoned, Mr. Gao’s father visited her with his youngest daughter.But she was still a face of indifference, in the face of her father-in-law asked “where is gao Huize’s compensation of 120,000 yuan for work-related injury”, she was still very strong, saying that she did not know anything, and then in the public security office reception room and family quarrel.Standing in the center of the vortex, the youngest daughter, in the face of the quarrel between the two relatives, can only try to loudly stop the contradiction, but soon, Liu Wenju’s noise was over the voice of the youngest daughter.Unable to communicate, the father-in-law took the little girl and left.At this time Liu Wenju’s discipline also came in to enlighten her, in a long time of comfort and serious criticism, Liu Wenju’s mood finally eased down.Her daughter returned to her at the same time.The youngest daughter is very sensible, after settling down grandpa insisted on coming back to meet his mother.When they met, she gave her mother a hug and said, “You have come to reform, don’t worry about us, you will come out again, we are still a family, no one will ignore you.”In the face of her little daughter’s gentle words, Liu Wenju seemed to finally unload her heart, lying on her daughter’s shoulder crying.And the daughter patted her mother on the back just as gently as she had put her to sleep all those years ago.

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