The police’s memory has many unique, rely on the top of the head to recognize the suspect

“Policeman comrade, someone came in my house yesterday afternoon and more than two thousand dollars in cash was stolen.”Recently, shaoxing Shengzhou 70-year-old old man called the police to help.After the preliminary inventory, in addition to 2,500 yuan of cash in the old man’s home without other losses.He also provided police with a video of the suspect walking in and out of his home, but was unable to capture his face due to camera angles.Through the scene investigation found that the lock of the old man’s house was not damaged, and there were no excessive traces of turning over the scene. The police judged that the man was entering by turning over the window, and there was a certain judgment on the location of property storage.During the investigation, MAO Jindi, the criminal investigation team of Shengzhou Public Security Bureau, found that the man acted cautiously and carefully. During the theft, he deliberately covered his face and hands, and deliberately avoided the camera. From the scene traces and the video at the door, the man had rich experience in theft, strong psychological quality, and was likely to be a serial offender.Due to the lack of public monitoring around the old man’s house, he failed to obtain more effective clues, and the investigation of the case fell into deadlock.In order to find clues to solve the case, MAO Jindi repeatedly played the week old man provided that 24 seconds of video, “white chuang?Recidivism?The house?…”Keep working through the few clues you have, while sifting through the suspects in your mind.’It’s him!MAO Jindi jumped to his feet.MAO Jindi mouth of him, it is habitual thief Wang mou, because of a few burglary in the near future was brought into the police key suspect object, because there is an obvious sparse on the right side of its head, MAO Jindi quite some impression on him.MAO Jindi immediately began to verify their ideas, through the comparative study of the video theft suspect body shape, wearing, as well as the incident in the vicinity of wang in the vicinity of the video footage, the basic can determine wang is the most suspected.In the subsequent arrest, police also found the set of clothes in the video in Wang’s home.After the investigation, Wang mou has been jailed for 8 times for theft, currently released from prison just a few months.He thinks that with its rich “combat” experience, face masks, hands wearing socks, bypass monitoring and a series of means to escape detection, but does not know that justice has long arms, a small detail let him again arrested.After the trial, Wang mou to its burglary criminal facts confessed.At present, the relevant stolen money has been recovered, Wang for theft by the public security organs to take criminal compulsory measures, the case is being further investigated.If you have any copyright questions, please contact this website.

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