Why the high rate of male births in recent years?The obstetrician answered the question

As China’s aging population is becoming increasingly serious, the country has lifted the three-child policy in order to promote healthy birth and post-natal care.However, modern life, work, pressure, educational background and other circumstances make young people advocate Dink, and the fertility rate is still not guaranteed.Want to have a child dare not have a child, afraid to give already not rich family worse.Especially after young men and women get married, they will face the problem of having children. At present, the concept of equality between men and women and the importance of men has been abandoned.Are able to shine in their own career, unique.However, in the face of the current economic pressure of housing price and car price, young parents prefer to have a daughter. Having a boy may mean facing a huge amount of bride price, house start-up capital and career start-up capital in the future.However, statistics from China’s census show that there is a serious imbalance in the ratio of men to women, with tens of millions more men than women, which indirectly means there is little difficulty in having children, getting married and falling in love.Why is it that, despite the desire for girls, the birthrate of boys continues to be high and far exceeds that of girls?Why the high rate of male births in recent years?Obstetrician disambiguation answer 1, medical technology is relatively mature in the 21st century, pay attention to science, medical technology by leaps and bounds, the nature, the present many young couples can’t normal fertilization, so choose test-tube baby, on the one hand, can have their own baby, on the other hand take the superior genes can increase the merit factor.Ivf will directly combine the sperm in the presence of the outer chromosome, naturally improve the probability of old boys, meet technology more mature.2, planned for conceived a lot of young people would like to have a child of a starting point is good, their cognitive degree is higher, compared to before the education ability is extensive, network in vogue today, also understand scientifically prepared pregnant 3 strong national development, physical quality, progress, the people for their own physical quality, healthy pay more attention to the body,In addition, more and more incurable diseases can be effectively cured, the two people are healthy and full of vitality, sperm is more active, egg functions are normal and Y chromosome is easier to combine with them, so the chance of giving birth to a boy will greatly increase.Why are so many young couples now infertile?Women: – abnormal ovarian development ovarian uterus is a female secondary sexual characteristics, to maintain normal physiological operation, once the ovarian problems, will directly affect the chance of pregnancy.And a lot of women have long-term smoking, drinking, staying up all night has greater mental pressure, life is not normal, thus affecting ovarian health.There are a lot of young girls in order to maintain their figure, will choose to diet to lose weight, over time malnutrition, hormone secretion disorder, premature ovarian failure, progesterone is also inhibited, resulting in abnormal egg development, do not have high quality combination conditions, sperm and eggs die in a short time, can not be combined normally.Menstrual cycle disorder Due to environmental factors, genetic factors or other external influences lead to endocrine disorders, menstrual cycle disorder phenomenon, female friends can not find their own ovulation period, can not be effective in the effective time for efficient combination, greatly reduce the probability of pregnancy, resulting in infertility and pregnancy difficulties.– Fallopian tube blockage even if the signs are excellent, the egg also has a successful breeding place, but their fallopian tube blockage, unable to effectively combine with sperm, naturally infertility.– Gynecological inflammation women suffering from gynecological inflammation is also lead to infertility, an independent risk factor, due to its relatively exposed parts, special physiological structure, if daily life can not pay attention to personal hygiene timely cleaning, is likely to lead to bacterial and viral invasion, induced gynecological inflammation leading to pregnancy difficulties.Male: 1, poor sperm quality if male friends smoke for a long time, drink too much and stay up all night, eat junk food like greasy stimulation heavy taste food lead to sperm quality decline, can not be combined with eggs normally, it is difficult to survive in the female body, can not be normal conception.2, there are more outrageous types of life, the quality of the two sperm and egg pass, but after the combination of the mutual exclusion reaction, it is because they can not get pregnant normally pregnancy difficulties.What distinction do common baby and test-tube baby have?More high-quality test-tube babies cost a lot of money, so they must take the best quality sperm and egg combination, if they carry a genetic disease or other characteristics of the gene tuberculosis will be discharged for the first time, so as to improve the production of high-quality, improve the survival rate of esophageal babies.The relatively long-life screening mechanism reduces the probability that cells with inherited genes and so on will, naturally, have less disease and live longer than normal fertilization.It is only 40 years so far, and there is no relatively fixed practical basis for technology.Healthy New Year

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