“996 | games gold medal”!Su yiming’s best 18th birthday present

On February 15th, Beijing Olympic snowboarding man big platform final end Su Yi song title with 182.50 points, to become the youngest champion in the history of this project the games for the Chinese army sixth gold after the Olympics, Su Yi singing in snowboarding man slope obstacle skills competition won a silver medal in the eight days later, he changed his MEDALS for the golden three days later,Su will turn 18 years old not long ago, he once said he wanted to use the gold medal as his birthday gift. Today, he realized his dream. After the match, Su said in an interview, “I know my parents came to watch the match today and I can’t get close to them, but I’m really excited.Congratulations to Su yiming!Keep flying!Source: People’s Daily WeChat comprehensive People’s Daily client coordinating editor: han macro whose: Zhang Shuxuan about FM99.6 datong our traffic radio, is the first company to the general hill areas in northern shanxi mobile to listen to the crowd as the main object of professional radio, covering datong across and jin, ji and surrounding areas, covering more than 10 million people, 18 hours broadcast throughout the day.Over the years, it has won the favor of more and more audiences for its accurate program positioning, timely traffic broadcast, good service and accompaniment.

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