Affected by the snow lanzhou today these bus lines temporarily suspended

China Gansu Network February 6 – (this network reporter Song Fangke) February 6, the reporter learned from Lanzhou bus Group, as of 8 o ‘clock in the morning of February 6 affected by snow,Lanzhou bus 13 road, 14 road, 44 road, F44 road, 55 road, 81 road, 22 road, 61 road, 74 road, F74 road, 84 road, 85 road, 86 road, 87 road, Q87 road, 150 road, 151 road, country Garden customized bus, Fuyuan New city customized bus, F125 road, F146 road, 750 road, 751 road, 166 roadNew Area company intercity urban and rural lines temporarily suspended.Routes in the new District are to be determined according to the road conditions, and route 42, 57, 80 and N125 will be detoured and operated.

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