Hunan Xiangshui Group stone lishui channel project held the first basketball match

At the game.Rednet Moment News On March 16th (correspondent Li Lilang erqing) On March 15th, Hunan Xiangshui Group’s Shi Li Waterway project held the first “Peace One Hundred Years quality Project” cup basketball match.Lishui channel project construction department, Yanzhou hub engineering project department, Castle Peak hub engineering project department, Sanxiang supervision and design a total of four teams to participate in the competition.”I declare the competition begin!”As shi li, general manager of the ministry of construction project is Zhou Guide commanded, the official game kicks off, teams from the start, burst out of the fierce collision, offensive, close cooperation, dare to dare to spell, effort into every ball, defense, go all out, never shy, strive to every rebounds, each team member in order to compete for victory put all the passion and enthusiasm,Even if the fight to physical exhaustion in the teeth.Finally, the Qingshan Hub management department won the championship after a fierce battle, the Construction department of the Shi Li Waterway project won the second place, yanzhou Hub management department and Sanxiang Supervision and design Team respectively won the prize.The Shili River project is a key waterway construction project of the Ministry of Transport and Hunan Province to be started in 2021, with an estimated investment of 3.653 billion yuan and a total construction period of 48 months.After the completion of the Lishui Project, the lishui 1,000-ton waterway will be extended from Jjitan in Lixian County to Hengzhao Industrial Park in Shimen county, which is of great significance for reducing logistics cost of enterprises along the line, optimizing industrial layout, perfecting comprehensive transportation system and promoting economic and social development in hinterland.

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