Is the post-1995 generation leading the “Ice fever” in the Winter Olympics?

‘| | tiger sniffing business, consumption and motor authors miao qing pictured above is China | vision when late February 4, wrapped around the “olive branch” flame “big snowflakes slowly rising in the middle of the bird’s nest”, was born in 1999 young people Lu Lang found himself at the university of WeChat group Fried “lively” : two dozen students, uniformity in “zhang yimou, YYDS” from the group.After a while, some students put forward the romance of this huge snowflake and tang dynasty poet Li Bai “Yanshan snowflake as big as banquet” famous sentence happened to coincide, so the students in the group queuing hair a wave of “Li Bai, YYDS”.Later, several young people began to discuss skiing and skating in a group, when Lu Lang suddenly had a “regret” : as a native of Hangzhou, he realized that he had not skied or skated in more than 20 years.He quickly opened his mobile phone to search for nearby skiing events, and was shocked by the search results. There were more than 50 related businesses in Hangzhou and nearby counties and cities. In Hangzhou, several indoor skiing brands have started to chain.When he called an indoor ski club that was still open during the Spring Festival, he was told that “it’s all young people, lots of girls.”This made Lu Lang’s mood high.Beijing is 1,159 kilometers away from Hangzhou.Ming Yu, a young girl born in 1998, has arranged three ski trips throughout the Spring Festival and will even stay at a ski resort.Mingyu told Huxiu that in the last three years, snow resorts near Beijing have become “younger” : more snow and ice projects and photo card designs that are popular with young people have been introduced. In supporting hotels and peripheral services, VR games, drama killing and light food have become “standard fittings”.It is worth noting that this generation of young people’s strong consumption power and curiosity about ice and snow — take the expensive curling project as an example, in 2010, Beijing opened less than 3 curling halls to the public, but in 2021, almost all the head rinks began to match the “curling hall”, and professional curling halls emerged one after another.Young people are emerging as a key force in the winter Olympics ice fever.As of October last year, 346 million Chinese residents had participated in snow and ice sports, with a participation rate of 24.56 percent, according to the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Sports Legacy Report (2022) released by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Games.And young people, especially those born after 1995, have become the main force of ice and snow sports.According to Qunar, consumers born in 1995 accounted for more than 32 percent of the total during the “snow and ice peak season” from the end of last year to early this year, including those born in 2000.Young people bring vitality and spending power to the ice and snow market.It is reported that in the last five years, China’s ice and snow market is the only one in the world that grows rapidly.China already ranks eighth in the world in terms of the average number of skiers per year.Behind the popularity is considerable revenue: China’s ice and snow leisure tourism revenue has exceeded 390 billion yuan in the past year, and is expected to exceed 1.1 trillion yuan by 2025, according to the 14th Five-Year Plan.”The outlook is good.However, there are still challenges in the process of entrepreneurship and project landing.The venue cost of snow and ice sports is high, and the popularity rate of some sports is low. How to upgrade young people’s impulsive consumption to daily hobby consumption is a key problem.”American stock analyst Liu Bin told Hu Xun at the beginning of the year, the development of foreign ice and snow industry after more than a hundred years of accumulation, professional segmentation fields have also emerged in the head of the company, “they have a complete industrial chain and division of labor.From this point of view, the domestic ice and snow economy can be done, but it should not be done blindly.”The interest in the ice and snow economy by young people began five years ago.Two key dividends are attracting capital attention: the Olympic dividend and youth.The 2008 Olympic dividend story, let the capital circle remember: the rise of a national hot, domestic hot.Local shoe and clothing brands entered the spring of 2008, li Ning, anta and other brands saw a surge in sales.Capital circles are excited that Korea has already entered the national boom period ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics.Compared with 2008, the influence of young people is being amplified around a new wave of Olympic dividends.A researcher from an analysis institution once told Huxun that taking shoes as an example, after the 2008 Olympic bonus, the age range of the key main consumers is around 30~40.Among high school and college students at that time, foreign brands were still fashionable.However, before the 2022 Winter Olympics, the main population of Guochao Dividend has become younger, and generation Z has become a key user of Domestic goods on platforms such as Tmall and December 2021, the person in charge of a new brand on an e-commerce platform told Huxun that they observed that generation Z consumers’ cognition of international brands and local brands was becoming “blurred” : the willingness of this generation of young consumers to pursue international brands decreased significantly, and their interest in local brands and niche brands increased significantly.Two key factors contribute to this phenomenon. First, some of the international brands of sports and leisure brands have been lowering their prices over the past decade and no longer have premium efficiency.Secondly, local brands have grasped the new way of growing grass and purchasing that young people like, rapidly influencing the minds of this generation.For this reason, the arrival of the 2022 Winter Olympics is regarded as a key window for “stimulating young people’s spending power” in the capital circle.”In an era of youth, a home Olympics is definitely a tonic.”It is worth noting that the Winter Olympics and its snow and ice projects will also bring a “market blank dividend” — more young people will pay attention to snow and ice projects, and the strong demand will be quickly transmitted to the supply side. “Therefore, after the alleviation of the epidemic in 2020, many snow and ice start-up projects will quickly appear in first-tier cities and new first-tier cities.And local brands are also starting to make efforts in snow and ice related categories and even cross-border development.”The high driving effect of snow and ice sports is regarded as the key to understanding the snow and ice consumption of the post-1995 generation: Different from general sports events, snow and ice sports often require highly centralized venues and highly perfect surrounding facilities, which means “strong scene consumption”, or even “immersive” scene consumption.Take an ice and snow center in Pinggu, Beijing as an example. During the Whole Spring Festival, there is a state of “queuing” almost every day. The average daily time of consumers here is 3.5 to 5 hours on ice and snow, and the rest of the time consumers will do indoor entertainment, food and drink, physical therapy and even accommodation.In this ice center, the game center was expanded in 2020.It not only matches consoles such as PS5, but also introduces VR games.According to the people concerned, the game center is in short supply, sometimes even more popular than the ski trail.”We found some surprising phenomenon, some of the post-1995 and even post-2000 generations, who came to ski with their families, stayed at the game center or restaurant, only skiing for about an hour, and the rest of the skiing was done indoors.”Just in time for Chinese New Year, they added new Switches and add-ons to their game center.The game center is not the only place where young people are bringing change to the world of ice and snow.The source told Huxun that consumers born after 1995 are more likely to hire private tutors or experience more professional programs.”This generation is moving up from just playing.”On the surface, the most direct impression for businesses is that the post-1995 generation is more willing to spend money.Take out-of-package items for example.Packages (excluding equipment) are the main source of income at most resorts, and paid trails, paid courses and paid skiing entertainment are key to further revenue.One ski resort operator, who declined to be named, said the resort was now highly dependent on platform traffic, and the package’s role was to “attract as many new rides as possible without losing money”.However, the retention is a key challenge for the ski resort. From the results they observed, the retention rate of post-1995 consumers is significantly higher.”Frisbee, camping, star photography, skiing, and script killing are all young people’s trends that have emerged since 2019.”In January, wang xy subculture researchers told tiger sniffing, these big heat consumption, a general social + outdoor to the characteristics of the (left), 95 after a key trend is scene + strong social consumption, “they like to most of the projects, all need to contact with people, but this is not public domain, but the spheres of social,They hang out with people who have the same interests and values.”On Jan 21, Xi Cha opened its new store in Chongli district of Zhangjiakou, one of the sites hosting the Winter Olympics.Consumption in the past more than half a year, the new pack is a “race” and time, and everyone is keen on winter or snow “marriage” : rui xing coffee from the forest will be employed as a spokesperson, bubble GuAiLing for games are qualified high clock activities provide blind box, zhong xue in collaboration with the national Olympic sports center…Let new consumer brands value “ice and snow”, not only the bonus of the Winter Olympics, but also the young people behind the ice and snow.”In 2021, everyone is thinking about optimizing the scene, and ice and snow are natural scenes.But how the new consumption projects fit into the world of ice and snow still needs to be explored.”In November 2021, a coffee and tea entrepreneur said that the biggest opportunity for 2022 is the Winter Olympics in spring and the World Cup at the end of the year.The key logic behind both events is similar: in both the Winter Olympics and the World Cup, young people have become the majority of viewers and consumers, and brands need to figure out how to attract them.One of the problems plaguing new consumer brands is that it is difficult for them to become the protagonist of the ice and snow world: most ice and snow projects require professional site design, and there will be an obvious paradox of flow after the completion of the project — if the customer flow is large, the price will be higher when attracting investment;If customer flow is not high, there is no value for new consumer brands.It is worth pondering that, because the domestic ice and snow industry is still in the initial stage of development, the head snow and ice rinks are very scarce and concentrated.As a result, the head players have the largest customer flow and the most spending power in the ice circle, and generally have a “strong attitude” when talking about cooperation with new consumer brands.Some large ice and snow brands are committed to improving the industrial chain — they hope to launch their peripheral products to increase the price of customers. For these ice and snow brands with catering capacity and OEM system, it is not difficult to make a cup of coffee, a cup of milk tea and launch a blind box.”The biggest concern is that ice and snow are hot, but most of the new consumer brands are just spectators.”In Beijing and Shanghai, “indoor ice rink” and “indoor snow rink” gradually emerged in the city center after 2018, and even formed an entrepreneurial boom.For some new consumer brands, these “channels” may be a shortcut to the world of ice and snow.According to third-party statistics, the consumption theme of indoor ice and snow projects is young people born between 1990 and 1998, who gradually have higher consumption power, pay more attention to sports and health, and are willing to experience new things when they enter the workplace.And this wave of consumers is the new consumer brand’s key target population.But this seemingly beautiful ice and snow fairy tale is also fraught with uncertainty: due to high unit prices (due to the cost of space and equipment) and low popularity, indoor ice and snow farms are not a winning business.Indoor ice is still in its infancy compared to the more popular fitness and yoga.As a result, new consumer brands cannot get a stable port of “access to the world of ice and snow”.But one clear signal is that after the Winter Olympics, the younger generation’s awareness of snow and ice will be greatly improved, which will be a key trend in future product development and marketing for new consumer brands.”The Winter Olympics could make this generation fall in love with snow sports.”In Japan (Sapporo in 1972) and South Korea (PyeongChang in 2018), ice and snow consumption has become hot after hosting the Winter Olympics, Liu said.This upsurge was not only reflected in the consumer side, but also in the cultural side. In Japanese literature and Korean TV dramas at that time, the theme of “ice and snow” became the mainstream of the competition year.The Sapporo Winter Olympics, for example, affected at least a generation of young people. “Today’s ski fever in Hokkaido is closely related to the Sapporo Winter Olympics, and more young people are willing to try snow sports and go to Sapporo.In many years, people will be keen to come to Beijing and Zhangjiakou.”For now, this spring will be the perfect time for young people who have not yet experienced snow sports to show their youthful power by riding the ice or snow in the winter Olympic fever.When more young people flock to snow and ice rinks, China’s ice and snow industry will develop and rise more quickly, and eventually become one of the world’s largest and best consumers of ice and snow.People who are changing and want to change the world are on tigersniff apps

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