Now to go to Work in Wuhan Foxconn attention, to find a job in Wuhan is also to pay attention to

Five tiger send blessing by soliciting # # 5 personality now is the time to wuhan foxconn serious recruitment, now is a good job, but here in wuhan, foxconn, good jobs, through mediation, basic erratic, wuhan basic is the intermediary black foxconn, post wasn’t good now to wuhan into the factory, are the nucleic acid, is not into not to go,Own money make nucleic acids, went to the field and isolation, or in their hometown to find a job well, wuhan foxconn is assembly line work, the somebody else see don’t you directly to your packing, foxconn, wuhan is the black factory, is a man of mediation, yao is the bag eats, oneself go to you that you pay for dinner in about a week,In the hair of your meal fill because wuhan intermediary is routine routine, and you are drawing cake ah, to Wuhan Foxconn is not as good as henan Foxconn Wuhan foxconn post how ah, run away, to do regular work can, hourly workers see you do not like the eye will you roll

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