Pipe network repair “not closed” 24 hours to ensure water supply

At 8:00 a.m. on February 3, Nanchang Water industry pipe network maintenance center received a telephone call of water leakage emergency repair. Wang Shaohui, the team leader on duty, and his team members rushed to the scene of water leakage in houqiang Road, Donghu District to understand the situation, and found a section of DN150 pipeline burst.In order to shorten the water cut-off time and ensure the normal water supply of users during the Spring Festival, Wang Shaohui made an emergency maintenance plan and began the pipeline repair work.”The large temperature difference between day and night in winter and the high frequency and high flow of water during the Spring Festival can easily cause the rupture of some aging pipes in the old city.In order to reduce the impact of the Spring Festival on residents’ water, our maintenance personnel are on standby 24 hours a day!”Wang Shaohui and his team members in the man-machine joint force, an orderly excavation of water leakage points.As the old city pipe network is complicated, sewage and rainwater are stored under the road surface, which causes great difficulties to the emergency repair work.After 3 hours of hard work, the emergency repair personnel dug out the deep pit of the ground where the leak occurred.Limited by the site, the pit can accommodate up to two workers at a time, the later stage can only rely on manual excavation.Wang Shaohui immediately adjusted the plan, command emergency repair personnel in batches of pit operations, quickly find the leak.”Come on, fix this place and try to get home early for dinner tonight.”Wang Shaohui rubbed the hole under his red ear to check the leak.After a series of work such as cutting, wrapping film and connection repair, the burst pipe was finally successfully repaired. It was 3:25 PM and normal water supply was restored to the affected section.Shao-hui wang, said an hour before receiving MinHang the repair task, they just finished star village of leaking point for emergency repair work, “the Spring Festival every year, we all have 24 hours emergency crew on-the-job, is one of the hardest night repair, one is cold, the second is the low visibility, after receiving the repair task during the Spring Festival,All the maintenance staff will arrive at the site immediately without hesitation.”Similar continuous operations have been the norm for the maintenance personnel of the water pipe network in Nanchang, because in their eyes, time is efficiency and people’s livelihood is responsibility.Sometimes, in order not to affect the normal use of water, emergency repair workers even need to jump into the cold water operation.During the Spring Festival, Nanchang Water Industry Company set up dozens of emergency support teams, to do “organization, personnel, supplies, materials, vehicles” five in place, all-weather standby.If citizens have water problems, they can call the 24-hour service hotline of municipal public Group “96166” or leave a message through the official wechat and Weibo of Nanchang Water Industry. The emergency repair personnel will rush to the scene to deal with the problem in the first time after receiving the public’s help, so as to ensure that the public has no worries about water.(Zhao Ting, Nanchang Daily reporter zhang Ningjiang)

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