The house is not afraid of small, want the balcony to have been used only, 90 flat two rooms are changeable big three room

Area: 90 flat Style:Contracted style do not know to have which friend, like I can’t afford to buy a big house, agony and room is not enough use, don’t have much money to buy a house, so we have to buy a set of 90 house fannie and Freddie, but my home have parents and children, at least three room, actually sometimes way not to come out, but was forced out, in order to let the house have three rooms,I had to transform the double balcony in my home. I used the living room balcony as the dining room, and then changed another balcony into the kitchen, so that the original dining room and kitchen space is used to separate a bedroom, so there are three rooms.The house is decorated, the furniture is moved in, there is still a lack of some electrical appliances, now come to clean, clean up, and so on electrical appliances can be installed directly.In the home tea table and TV ark are a complete set of, TV is what buy online to still did not arrive, dining-room became after sitting room balcony gets through, the light is very good.The house is divided into three rooms, not large, each very compact, as long as they fit under the bed is good, the picture below is a little larger area, can also hold the wardrobe, used as the master bedroom.The second lie is very small, even the wardrobe can not be installed, also can not do, the area is so large, the balcony outside the bedroom is now changed into a kitchen by me.The master had asked before installing, it is ok to change the balcony kitchen, the master said that it is ok to solve the problem of lampblack discharge only, my kitchen is not big, bearing respect also does not have a problem, ambry in the home is customized, small is a little bit small, but enough.Children room bought double deck, want to regenerate to also be able to live below henceforth.Toilet is very small, in order to let the shower will not get wet, had to do a shower room.The content of this article comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete, thank you!

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