The tenth day of the first month “stone festival”, avoid 1 thing, eat 2, do 2 things, respect the tradition, everything goes well

By the 10th day of the first lunar month, many friends have already started to return to normal work and life, and the flavor of the New Year has gradually faded away. But for Chinese people, every day in the first lunar month is meaningful. As long as it is not until February 2, the New Year is still going on.The tenth day of the first month, is also a minority of our folk traditional festival “stone festival”, the “stone festival” you know the origin?What are the traditions on this day?The origin of the stone Festival The 10th day of the first month is called “stone Festival”, there are three rumors.One is ten and “stone” homonym, so it is called stone festival;Second, the earth is also composed of mountains and stones, according to legend, the ninth day of the first month is the birthday of “Heaven”, and the tenth day is the birthday of “earth”;Third, in ancient times, people relied on stone tools to develop step by step, so people set the 10th day as stone Festival, in order to inherit the worship of stone tools.Eat two kinds of bread.In ancient times, the production tools were backward, and the most important tool was stone mill, which people completely depended on to grind flour. On this day, no matter in the north or the south, people would eat a lot of flour products, and many places had the custom of eating big cakes.The shape of the big cake is round, eating the big cake means the coming year round, but also to express Thanksgiving to the stone god.Second, eat naked oat noodles.Annual 10th in some places have “mouse” marry, mouse, generally live in a mouse or a rat hole in order to avoid the scourge of rats in the New Year food, so have to eat you flour to the customs, you flour implication ing, hope mice marry scourge grain left no longer came back, expressed the people to cherish food, looking forward to harvest the good moral.The first thing to do is to hang lanterns.In ancient times, if you have added a “male”, a family that the annual month this day, the family would hang red lanterns in front of the door, at the same time will be the kid’s name written on lanterns, meaning the family prosperous, life red, this tradition will continue down, and now a lot of places now and this tradition, but not limited to,As long as the family added a small doll will add a lantern in front of the door.The second thing is to worship stone tools.Stone tools were the most important tools in ancient times, and people in the past relied on them to continue their lives, such as stone mills and mortar.There are some old objects of stone tools that can still be seen in the countryside.This day to worship stone tools, with steamed bread, flatbread and other food products to worship stone grinding and other stone tools, express gratitude, and hope for the next year’s food harvest.In some places of Shandong province, there is a saying to carry the stone god, while in Hebei province, each family lights a bonfire to burn the old cooking utensils used last year, implying that the whole family will be healthy and disease-free in the New Year.In ancient times, stone tools were indispensable to both farming and daily life, and people’s life would be greatly affected.The 10th day became “ten don’t move,” there are 10 kinds of things can’t move, don’t mean but on the 10th day there are a lot of things can’t move, especially stone mill stone mortar stone, because this day is the birthday of rocks, to congratulate people make pasta to worship, to pray for good harvest in the New Year, life rich.What customs do you know about the stone Festival on the 10th day of the first lunar month?Welcome to share with us.Food ingredients have personality, small workshop, daily update the most in food practices and food anecdotes to share with friends.

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