Yan Huiqing: Of Yan Xishan “daughter”, person shanxi first beauty, outcome how?

Yan Xishan was a famous warlord in the Period of the Republic of China. He was later called “King of Shanxi” because he controlled the military and political power in Shanxi.There is a very trusted woman beside Yan Xishan, it is said that this person has both talent and appearance, plan a grand plan, do not let beard eyebrow, be called Shanxi first beauty.Why can she get Yan Xishan’s favor after all, what relation is she and Yan Xishan, final outcome is how?To understand the details, you have to start with her background.Yan Huiqing who is also Yan Xishan, a native of Shanxi Province, had two wives and had children for him.Although he was in power, he did not trust them very much. His uncle Yan Shudian had a clever and understanding daughter, nicknamed “Wumaiu”.This female is Yan Huiqing, although the age is nearly 30 years younger than Yan Xishan, on the order of generation, she is Yan Xishan’s cousin.Yan Xishan liked his cute little sister very much, so he discussed with Yan Shudian and adopted her under his family as an exception.Therefore, Yan Huiqing lived in Yan Xishan’s side from childhood and became his nominal daughter.Later, as she grew older and more intelligent and graceful, Yan xishan let her accompany him and became his most trusted person.Also because of such, hearsay between the street is everywhere, say although 2 people are the name of father and daughter, it is a pair of lover however in the dark, have fokelus even, Yan Huiqing person is unusual, operate strategize behind the scenes, often give advice for Yan Xishan, control the political situation of Shanxi.And so on and so forth.So what is the relationship between Yan Huiqing and Yan Xishan?Is she really the mastermind behind Yan Xishan?The relation of Yan Huiqing and Yan Xishan is actually yan Huiqing himself is not in that way magical as hearsay, her biological mother is yan Shudian 3 aunt too.Although I used to read and write when I was a child, I dropped out of school soon because of the old society, where women were considered virtuous because of their inferiority and dignity.It is true to say that five girls are clever and intelligent, but it is an exaggeration to say that she is a Shanxi girl.The reason why Yan Xishan trusts Yan Huiqing is that she is a close relative in the family, and the fifth girl is clever and good at reading people’s faces.Therefore, Yan Huiqing was mainly responsible for Yan xishan’s daily living and eating, and rarely involved in politics.Of course, as a woman, she rarely involved in politics, but after all, she was also under the political elite, she was inevitable to take on some unimportant sinecures.For example, the director of shanxi Conservation Association, the principal of girls’ school and so on.These were nominal roles and she was not involved in the management.Where meet activity occasion, Yan Huiqing also can attend speech and so on, but also is but empty feeling socialize just, visible those hearsay is not true.As for Yan Huiqing’s appearance, it can also be considered as a gentlewoman with elegant manners, but it cannot be the appearance of a beautiful country, of course, more about less than the first beauty.Although Yan Xishan likes her very much, but do not have any unreasonable idea, she can be a close-fitting secretary only at best, the daytime food of Yan Xishan, rely on Yan Huiqing to take care of completely.Being from Shanxi, she could understand Yan xishan’s eating and wearing habits very well and did everything in perfect order.When Yan Xishan was young, he had stomach trouble. It was Yan Huiqing who took good care of him, and his body gradually got better.In addition, Yan Xishan on weekdays busy government affairs, spirit often feel inadequate, in addition to serving daily life, five girl is kind and easy-going, often for Yan Xishan about some hometown scenery, anecdotal jokes, make him happy, Yan Xishan often called her “five sister”.Day long year is deep, 2 people have no words not to talk, even as to give up not to open, accordingly, she just got the trust of Yan Xishan.And actually yan Huiqing’s true lover has another person, he is liang Hua of, also be Yan Xishan’s nephew.The marital life that speaks of Yan Huiqing is very rough, before this she ever had been married twice, but those two paragraphs of marriage are not satisfactory, or it is to end without any illness, or it is to share a strange dream, because this Yan Huiqing is very depressed on feeling.Until later met Liang Huazhi, Yan Huiqing just moved the truth.She besides serve the life of Yan Xishan daily besides, contact with outsiders rarely, but often meet however with Liang Hua of, also because of this paragraph of amour, doomed Yan Huiqing final result.Liang Huazhi is Yan Xishan’s confidential secretary, then gradually master power, known as the successor of Yan Xishan.While in office, he plotted with Dai Li’s secret service to capture communists.When war bureau is adverse, of Liang Hua had premonition big event is not good, he made public the amour with Yan Huiqing, begin premeditated next plan of escape.In Shanxi liberation eve, Yan Xishan also knows doomsday is coming, plan to use the plan of cicadao shucks.Of Liang Hua and Yan Huiqing also give advice for its, to do not know nobody is aware of, leave Shanxi silently, they decide to flee in batches, Yan Xishan goes first, Yan Huiqing and Liang Hua stay in Shanxi, after waiting for everything to arrange properly, take special plane to follow closely afterwards.People calculate as day calculate, war situation is changing rapidly, Shanxi city break, traffic were blocked, two people trapped in the city.Liang Hua zhi see escape hopeless, then imitate Hitler and love wa, plan to commit suicide with Yan Huiqing poison, die of love.Yan Huiqing is before taking poison, remembered the Yan Xishan that had escaped, all sorts of feelings are mixed immediately, 2 people have the righteousness of father and daughter already, also have the feeling of brother and sister.Decades of love, seeing Yin and Yang separated, how can not pain heart?She asked Liang Huazhi to write a swan poem to Yan Xishan.At the end of the poem there is a line of small characters as follows: “Younger sister this generation of engraved is still in the world, eldest brother to read the electricity, has become a lifetime!”After writing this sentence, I thought of the situation when Yan Xishan read the letter. Yan Huiqing burst into tears and sent the letter secretly.They ordered the guards to burn their bodies after death. After all arrangements were made, Yan Huiqing took poison and ended her young life.When the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army entered the city, they found the burned bodies. After autopsy, their identities were confirmed and they were buried in wasteland outside the city.She was 39 years old.It is said that a few years later, liang Huazhi’s posterity returned to the country to seek his roots, ever tried to seek the cemetery of him and Yan Huiqing, but it was war and chaos in those days, the personnel flow through decades again, old place cannot be identified already.Throughout yan Huiqing’s whole life, if be not year young when adopt to Yan Xishan under the door, perhaps she is just an ordinary woman, marry husband to have a son, unknown to the public spend whole life.She is not the first beauty in people’s mouth, also is not the backroom of the political situation, she and Yan Xishan between also is affection however.If there was a fault, it has long since vanished with the passage of time.

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