Zhonghe Rural Credit: Help farmers develop their industries and write their own stories

Zhonghe Rural Credit Is a comprehensive agricultural assistance agency focusing on serving small and micro customers in rural areas. By providing convenient, affordable, safe and reliable intimate services for customers in counties, zhonghe Rural small and micro customers can develop their industries, increase their income and realize a better life at an early date.Li Jing, from Qingyuan County in Liaoning Province, is one of many people who have lifted themselves out of poverty and increased their incomes through zhonghe Rural Credit In its 20-year history.Three years ago, li Jing, who had been drifting for most of her life, returned to qingyuan County with changjiang Eldest brother, took the money saved by working outside, built several brick houses, and contracted 25 mu of land at the foot of the mountain, and settled down.Although she has a large area of land, she can’t make money just by planting corn rice. Li Jing is a person with an idea. She wants to raise cattle or donkeys to increase the income of her family.Where’s the money for the calf?Where does the calf feed buy?How do you build a cattle pen?It’s easy to say, but it’s still hard to take that step, and all kinds of difficulties that we didn’t expect before have appeared in front of us.Finally, with the help of zhonghe Rural Credit, I solved the financial problem and took the first step.Li Jing elder sister to raise cattle already very experienced, can say oneself is a raise cattle expert.She can see at a glance which cow is good, which cow is not good, “cattle must choose wide waist big buttocks, now mobile phone so developed, don’t look at my age, but I can not fall behind, mobile phone makes very good, nothing to see the teacher lectures, write down the useful, their own groping.Now it’s not me asking for advice, it’s me asking for advice.”Don’t look at Li Jing elder sister is a stranger, but in Qingyuan County stone ditch village or a celebrity, her enthusiasm, her determination, people are talking with gusto: for the village idea, the village groundwater pull out to sell, to solve the winter “cat winter” do not make money.She is also very attractive, especially in winter, there are always people on the kang at home, either to chat or to discuss the experience of raising cattle.From 2018 to 2020, the number of cows in Li Jing’s family increased from two to nine, and the two calves she bought at the end of 2020 will soon be housed in a newly built insulated barn.In the yard, fat cows, white ducks, flowers of the chicken, full of yard moo, chug chug, clucking sound.”Listening to these sounds, I feel very satisfied.”For Li Jing, life should be like this, full of contentment and hope.Everyone is writing their own story, everyone is the protagonist of their own life, give yourself a chance to make life more wonderful.Looking forward to the future, and its will be relying on the services of rural markets in more than 20 years practice and experience, don’t forget to beginner’s mind, to do the rural grassroots service holdout, really implement “help farmers” service between landscape, and the people around you, never leave home, let farmers can enjoy the professional and all-round services, convenient and fast to thoroughly implement the service rural last one hundred meters.

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