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Welcome to @Zhongcheng Medical Instrument — a big data platform for medical device industry.Its medical equipment bidding and bidding monitoring platform covers more than 1.3 million medical equipment bidding and bidding information, providing more effective reference for medical equipment suppliers, dealers, investment institutions, welcome to consult!———— Today’s latest medical device information includes:3 policy information second-ranking state food and drug administration issued medical equipment product technical requirements to write guidelines “the measures for the supervision and administration of drugs and medical devices used in anhui province issued revised low public resources trading center of jiangsu province issued” notice about adjusting part of the medical consumables supply price of article 2 of enterprise dynamic low low investment of China telecom set up health technology company1. State Food and Drug Administration issues guiding principles for compiling technical requirements for medical devices In order to improve the standardization and scientific nature of technical evaluation for medical devices, guide medical device registrants/record holders to compile technical requirements for products,In accordance with the Regulations on Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices, The Measures for Registration and Filing of Medical Devices and the Measures for Registration and Filing of In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents, the State Medical Products Administration organized the revision of the Guiding Principles for Preparation of Technical Requirements for Medical Device Products.(Source: National Medical Products Administration) The Guidelines state that the content of product technical requirements generally includes product name, model number, specification and classification description (if necessary), performance indicators, test methods, terminology (if applicable) and appendices (if applicable).2, “Anhui Province Drugs and Medical Devices Use Supervision and Administration Measures” revised recently, Anhui Provincial government issued the No. 309 order, announced the revised “Anhui Province drugs and Medical Devices Use supervision and Administration Measures”.The measures, which consist of seven chapters and 31 articles, will take effect on March 1, 2022.The Measures were formulated and implemented in 2007 and revised for the first time in 2016.In order to further maintain the unity of the legal system and solve the dilemma of law enforcement, the provincial government launched the second revision in 2021.Compared with the original Measures, 26 articles have been revised and 3 new ones added.3. Jiangsu Provincial Public Resources Trading Center issued the Notice on Adjusting the Supply Prices of Some Medical Consumables.A total of 33 products and 10 enterprises are involved, including vascular interventional consumables, extracorporeal circulation materials, basic sanitary materials, testing reagents and other products.Some of the vascular interventional consumables have a large price adjustment range. A peripheral balloon expansion catheter was reduced from 3680 yuan to 1630 yuan, a decrease of 55.7%, and a drug-eluting PTA balloon expansion catheter was reduced from 24500 yuan to 18700 yuan.The adjusted prices will take effect from February 14, 2022, according to the notice.Recently, China Telecom Medical Health Technology Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 200 million YUAN. Its business scope includes: sales of the second type of medical devices;Category II medical equipment rental;Intelligent robot sales;Research and development of intelligent robots, etc.The company is owned by CLP Wanwei Information Technology Co., LTD., Tianyi Capital Holdings Co., LTD., and Sichuan Gongfu Information Industry Co., LTD., all of which are China Telecom holding companies.2. Jingdong established a health and medical development company with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. On February 9, Suqian Jingdong Tianning Health Technology Co., Ltd. made a new foreign investment, and the newly invested enterprise is Shandong Jingdong Health and Medical Development Co., Ltd. with an investment ratio of 100%.Shandong Jingdong Health and Medical Development Co., Ltd. was established on February 8, 2022. The legal representative is Zhou Xinyuan. The registered capital is 20 million yuan.Sales of category I medical devices;The second category of medical equipment sales, etc.Suqian JINGdong Tianning Health Technology Co., Ltd. was established on June 10, 2019, With Liu Qiangdong holding 45%, Li Yayun holding 30% and Zhang Pang holding 25%.The company has a total of 20 foreign investment enterprises, including Chengdu Jingdong Internet Hospital Co., LTD.———— welcome to forward to share, reprint please note: “zhongcheng medical equipment”.More cutting-edge medical equipment industry information, data dry goods, professional reports, bid-winning information, pay attention to equipment enterprises check small program!

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