Diabetic person, dozen insulin still had taken medicine?

With the aging of China’s population and the change of life style, diabetes has become an epidemic disease from a rare disease.For the vast majority of diabetes, it is still not completely cured, need to take medicine for a long time.In addition to taking medicine, insulin injection can also effectively reduce blood sugar, significantly reduce and delay the occurrence and development of diabetes complications, becoming an essential drug for many “sugar friends”.Here to talk, “sugar friends” is the choice of injection or medicine is good?Is it good for diabetic person to hit insulin or take medicine?No one is better, and the endocrinologist will choose the treatment that works best for you.Some people think insulin has no side effects and ask for insulin treatment immediately after being diagnosed with diabetes.Other patients think insulin is the last stage of diabetes treatment, even if the blood sugar is very high, they are reluctant to start insulin treatment.In fact, these two concepts are relatively one-sided.The treatment of diabetes can be divided into three treatment schemes: oral hypoglycemic drugs only, insulin only, or simultaneous use of insulin and oral hypoglycemic drugs.Everyone’s condition is different, and so are the appropriate medications.The doctor will make the appropriate treatment plan according to the specific situation of each patient.Does insulin use produce dependence?Insulin is an endocrine hormone found in normal people.Due to the insufficiency of insulin secretion in diabetic patients, they need to be supplemented externally to maintain blood glucose, which is equivalent to “supplement what is lacking” and there is no “dependence”.For some diabetic patients with normal islet function, the use of insulin is only a stopgap measure. After ideal blood glucose control, insulin can be changed back to oral hypoglycemic drugs, or the dosage of insulin can be reduced.However, for some diabetic patients with poor islet function, long-term supplemental insulin therapy is needed.See here, you must have a lot of questions: what is suitable for a week of insulin injection?Can hit insulin have side effect?Do you want to come to the hospital to play insulin?In order to solve your doubts, this live doc invited Tian Jianqing, deputy director of endocrinology and metabolism department of Xiamen Hongai Hospital, to talk about “diabetes” related content.February 26 (Saturday) 20:00 endocrine metabolism physician Tian Jianqing 1 week to hit 1 injection treatment of diabetes, good?Click the card below to make an appointment to watch the live broadcast and you will hear the following topics discussed. Dr. Tian jianqing is a medical doctor who graduated from naval Military Medical University.He has been a doctor for more than 20 years, specializing in the treatment of endocrine-related diseases: blood sugar, blood lipids, uric acid, blood pressure, thyroid, osteoporosis, pregnancy endocrine, polycystic ovary, menopause and other problems.In this live broadcast, you will hear the following:As you see at the first sign of free consultation coupons, you can look at the first sign of free consultation coupons on the First come, first served App of Dxy Doctor.Click the “Share courtesy” button in the live broadcast room and share the live broadcast with one friend successfully, you can get a free consultation ticket.Only 10 tickets per live broadcast, first come, first served!Want a ticket?Book a live broadcast and grab it on time!”Bluebeard’s call” by Bananas bananas live expert consultation voucher, directly deduct 44 yuan for fear of not getting a free coupon?Don’t worry, we also have a great $44 consultation voucher for everyone in the studio.The original price of Dr. Tian Jianqing online consultation is 49 yuan, but after receiving the coupon, it only needs 5 yuan!Cheaper than offline registration fees!February 26 (Saturday) 20:00 endocrine metabolism physician Tian Jianqing 1 week to hit 1 injection treatment of diabetes, good?Click the card below to reserve live up and down slide pictures to view today’s live preview – advertising – minor illness minor pain at any time to ask three a doctor online professional answers click?Pictures of 1 yuan asked the doctor planning production planning, sweet taro | producers: xiao stand watch more popular science

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