I see the Winter Olympics | respect athletes’ right to “drop the chain”

Losing is part of the game. Mistakes are part of the game.Sun Long crashed in the men’s 5000m short-track speed skating relay final at the Beijing Winter Olympics last night as China finished fifth.”I’m really sorry for my teammates, my coaching staff and the whole team, all the fans of short track speed skating, and my family and friends who have always believed in me and placed great expectations on me. But most of all, I’m sorry for my motherland.I have let you down and I will accept all your criticism. I am really sorry!”Sun long said he was sorry for six times.As far as the eye can see, mistakes have not been uncommon at these Olympics for both veterans and youngsters, Chinese and foreign athletes, but none has been as upset as Sun Long after his mistake.The reason is very simple, before Sun Long in the short track speed skating men’s 500 meters race mistakes, this time in the short track speed skating men’s 5000 meters relay mistakes, directly led to the Chinese team ranked from the top three to the fifth, lost the medal.Key moment “off the chain”, let the net friend very unhappy.In addition, China’s short track speed skating team “one elder brother” Wu Dajing has been 28 years old, there is news that this may be his last Winter Olympics, in the last event failed to win a medal, but it is a pity.The men’s 5000m short-track speed skating relay Group A final at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Feb 16, 2018.Sun Long’s two mistakes were indeed very “fatal”, especially the last mistake was the Chinese team was about to hand the medal to others, let alone some emotional netizens, even the calm audience will feel sorry, even angry.Winter Olympics every four years, athletes in order to be able to stand on the podium how much sweat and tears.The audience has the right to criticize or criticize, but failure is part of the game, and mistakes are part of the game.As the future can not be limited to the small general, Sun Long also wants to be in the Olympic Games field all-powerful, pick a medal, in order to comfort their hard pay.He didn’t want mistakes, he hated them.How did the mistake come about?Rush, inexperience, and lack of strength are all possible.As Sun long said last night: “Today’s fall was caused by my anxious connection, it’s all my fault, there is no excuse.Ever since I joined the national team, I have always wanted to play for China.”It can be said that Sun Long made a mistake. He was more depressed and remorseful than anyone else, more sad and ashamed than anyone else.He also needs to be consoled, understood and encouraged.If we do not comfort him, we cannot condemn him, attack him, or slander him.Competitive sports is cruel, people often regard MEDALS as heroes, won a medal will be spoiled all over one, once miss a medal, especially because of mistakes caused by the whole team missed the medal, as if become a sinner, do not even have the right to defend, even dare not express their feelings, which is obviously not what we want to see.Respect the player’s right to “drop the chain”.The Olympic arena is unpredictable, especially the short track speed skating competition is rapidly changing, some experienced generals have made mistakes, even made low-level mistakes, often win understanding.Why not treat a junior player like a star?It is worth mentioning that Wu Dajing said last night after the race, ‘This is sun Long’s first Winter Olympics. We will not blame him, but give him more encouragement.'”This is a good training for him and something we need to summarize and improve in the future. It will be better for us in the future.”This is a veteran of the demeanor, people respect.Sun Long is a buildable material, malleable, tempered, he is able to achieve good results.At this time, should give him encouragement, should help him.As for the public concern whether Wu Dajing will retire, Wu Dajing said, as long as the country needs, as long as the body allows, will always stand on the ice, never admit.This fighting spirit is exhilarating!Continue to stand on the field, follow your heart, fly freely, can not give Wu Dajing too much pressure, MEDALS are important, but not all, athletes in the game to do their best on the line.Red Star news special commentator Wang Shichuan editor Guan Li Red Star comment submission email hxpl2020@qq.com (download Red Star news, news prize!)

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