In an emergency, a small power source really makes a difference!Orreco PA500 outdoor power experience evaluation

In 2022, the first thing is to take over the house that has not received the completion acceptance form. After all, in 2021, too many real estate around directly shut down, many friends said that the house is far from being taken over.How many years of painstaking efforts need to be spent in the long wait.I have been conservative to choose a small real estate, under the pressure of children reading problems, had to quickly start to decorate, although the small developers delayed the delivery of the house, but fortunately agreed that we take the key to decorate in advance, the stone in the heart is finally fell to the ground…When you really get the key, all kinds of bad things will come, temporary power supply, sometimes and sometimes broken, the underground garage is also dark, if you want to start the decoration in advance, then the first lighting needs must be arranged.ORICO/ ORorico PA500-2A4U outdoor power supply is an emergency power supply product I bought a year ago, with a capacity of 156,000mah and a maximum power output of 500W. It has its own emergency lighting system, which just solved the embarrassment of materials in my decoration in the dark. The picture above is the lighting help provided by Ororico outdoor power supply when I put sand on my house.Let’s talk about this product.1. Out of the box/details appreciation: In terms of appearance, the appearance of Orico outdoor power supply is designed with metal and non-metal. The overall style is relatively tough.In terms of accessories, orreco PA500 outdoor power accessories mainly include a 65W quick charging adapter, vehicle-mounted charging cable, vehicle-mounted power conversion cable and an instruction card.For an outdoor power supply, rich enough interface is an important link to attract consumers, orrico PA500 interface is also very rich, the upper left area is designed with a PD3.0 power interface, maximum support 60W output;Three USB power output ports, the maximum support 18W output, to meet the daily mobile phone, notebook, uav and other devices charging demand is not a problem.There is a display screen in the middle, a charging input, AC switch, power button and lighting button. There are two DC outputs in the upper right area with a maximum support of 120W.The following area is designed with two 5-hole mains ports, which can output 220V 50Hz and maximum 500W power. The ports are relatively rich, supporting 8 devices to supply power at the same time without interfering with each other.The biggest help this time is that Orreco PA500 comes with four super bright LED lighting beads, which can achieve emergency lighting without additional equipment. Orreco PA500 comes with lighting and large battery capacity, which helps me solve a lot of troubles in dark conditions.Ii. Product ExperienceTheory PA500 outdoor power supply, there is no doubt PA500 in “500” refers to the maximum power point, that is the product of the maximum power output can reach 500 w, which requires attention during using don’t beyond the scope of power, but also need not worry, beyond this range will enter the protected mode, does not damage the equipment.First of all, THE PD3.0 power output is very friendly to my old laptop. It can directly charge and continuously power the laptop. About 50% of the power can continuously power the laptop for 13 hours +, so that no matter where the laptop is, the power can always be “full”.Orrico PA500 outdoor power supply with its own multi-interface design, in real life, the use of the scene is relatively rich, with its own interface can support up to 8 output at the same time, a travel, all digital electronic products can perfect the problem of electricity.It can not only solve the electricity demand of digital products, but also cook a meal on special occasions. Orrico PA500 outdoor power supply converts direct current into sine wave output through powerful inverter conversion. The small electric cooker with about 500W AC power can cook a pot of rice.Of course, other products such as small refrigerators, electric fans, vacuum cleaners and so on can be directly used;The official also gives different products under the use of a power supply time, we can refer to.In order to better use experience, orreco PA500 outdoor power supply is equipped with an LCD display, which can see the battery information, input and output information, power and so on.In terms of input charging, orreco PA500 outdoor power supply supports mains charging, vehicle charging, solar and other energy charging through different cable conversion.The charging rate varies slightly with different carrier time.Mains charging official said 10 hours, the actual test about 8 hours full power.Iii. Usage Scenarios:Orreco PA500 outdoor power supply product has a size of 292*165*210mm and a weight of 6.5kg, which is not too heavy as a whole. A 6-year-old child can lift it with one hand, and it is not a problem for adults. It is friendly to people who like fishing and some short trips, and can provide full power supply for the whole day.For car users, Orreco PA500 outdoor power supply is more friendly. It can be put in the trunk at ordinary times and does not take up too much space as a whole. It is very friendly to use with aerator, car wash machine and other vehicle equipment, and there is no need to worry about the problem of battery loss.Four, experience summary: many users start with outdoor power supply, the first is to choose high power and large capacity, in fact, we need to know that large capacity power and the volume of the product weight is proportional to the outdoor power supply if there is no portability, do you really want to travel with it?So most of the time, we should choose products according to their own needs, so as not to spend money;Orreco PA500 outdoor power supply is a stylish, lightweight and portable outdoor power supply product.Stable output and on-the-go portability solved many of my emergency power needs.What is the one thing we are most afraid of in our home life?I think it’s “blackout”!A lot of people may not realize the importance of the “electricity”, do we in addition to the rapid development of high-speed rail in recent years, is the most basic of electric power development is the world’s highest, is because of the top technical support almost no experienced a blackout in our life, especially in the big cities, and because of that, we have not too much worry about a power outage this one thing;Because two days before the circuit maintenance outage for four hours, although be notified ahead of time, but by the time the real power of that a moment, almost anything can’t do it, watch TV, listen to music, mobile Internet has no wifi, suddenly the whole people become confused about what to do, very insecure, visible electrical energy is the root of our lives, no it’s far from the progress of science and technology,So the question is, would you have an emergency power source for your home for emergency use?

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