Lishui Qingyuan a homestead by natural person to win the premium rate of 54.09%

On February 25, Qingyuan County, Lishui, Zhejiang, successfully sold a low-density residential land at a transaction price of 55.55 million yuan.View new media after looking up information, after 31 rounds of bidding, natural person CAI Yongwei with a total price of 55.55 million yuan won the land.It is reported that the name of the transaction is qingyuan County Marshal Gongmiao block A-03-02 block, the floor price of 7,109 yuan/square meter, the premium rate reached 54.09%.The land area is 7441.68 square meters, the floor area is 7813.76 square meters, the plot ratio is 1.05, the starting price is 36.05 million yuan, the building height limit is 18 meters.It is worth mentioning that closing hillsides to marshal temple block A – 03-02 plot locates at closing hillsides transit highway and cross intersection south, south of the city land adjacent country garden jade mansion, poly FengJia estates, such as project, near the county public cultural service center (under construction), celebrating the middle school, state high school, vocational school, bus, people’s hospital facilities, life supporting more ample.

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