Party Xiaolong field visits the city endogenous active service enterprises

On February 15, Party Xiaolong, secretary of Baoding Municipal Party Committee, visited the main urban area for investigation and inspection.This is the Party Xiaolong in wanghuchun community canteen sunshine shop to listen to the canteen business report.On February 15, Party Secretary Xiaolong went to the main urban area for investigation and inspection.This is the party Xiaolong in Baoding Banquet food museum to listen to the museum design concept and ideas.Baoding daily reporter Cao Yunpeng Taken for in-depth study to carry out the important speech of the general secretary of xi jinping, the party’s sixth plenary of the 19th and the tenth party congress and “three as a whole expanded four to create” the conference spirit, based on the new stage of development, complete and accurate, comprehensive implementation of new development concept and build a new development pattern, promote the development of high quality, 15,Party Secretary of the municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China party Xiaolong on the city’s endogenous active service enterprises for investigation and inspection, and held a symposium.He stressed the need to speed up efforts to improve the quality of the consumer service industry in order to strengthen its weak links, promote diversified upgrading of business forms to high-quality development, and expand a number of leading enterprises to provide strong support for the soft power of the city.Yan Jihong, Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and Mayor presided over the meeting.Symposium, vice chairman of the CPPCC, director of the municipal development and reform commission (NDRC) Xie Peng comrade and city business bureau is mainly responsible for consumer services fill short board level, hai-cheng li, wang jinxi, Yang hongbo, Meng Lanying, lian-cai, xin-guo zhao, kaofen, jian-guang zhao, Xu Zi, Xiong Lichun, LuJingTao, hai-tao cui, ShaXiaoMan, PangYongHui city life sex services on behalf of the enterprise,Respectively around the city’s residents and family services, health services, elderly services, tourism and entertainment services, sports services, cultural services, residents retail and Internet sales services, residents travel services, accommodation and catering services, education and training services, housing services and other areas of development.After listening to everyone’s speech, Party Xiaolong said, Baoding life service has the foundation, has the scale, has the characteristic, the demand is strong, the potential is huge, has the great potential.Life service directly provides material and spiritual life consumer products and services to the masses, and its quality is directly related to the quality of people’s life.Development of consumer services is the plan, the people of the plan, is to better meet the needs of the masses of the people a better life and the important measures to improve the quality of life, is a mining, activate the domestic demand, expanding domestic demand potential consumer’s important action, is to expand employment scale, optimizing the employment structure, the inevitable requirement to improve the quality of employment, city construction is of great significance to the modern quality of life.Dang Xiaolong pointed out that the development of the life service industry is the need of The Times and the expectation of the city, which has infinite potential in the future development of Baoding.In recent years, Baoding’s development momentum is good, a number of work in the forefront of the province, urban transformation and industrial transformation has achieved solid results, the level of the city’s new appearance is gradually blooming, the people of Baoding’s development and change more and more recognition, more and more high quality of life.At present, Baoding has obvious advantages in overall planning under urban transformation and urban renewal, population gathering under the new pattern of integrated development of Beijing, Beijing and Baoding, and policy support under the vigorous development of soft power. It is the right time to develop the life service industry.Party xiaolong stressed that to develop the consumer service industry, it is necessary to find the right policies to cut into and adjust the trend of The Times, and improve the quality while constantly meeting the needs of the people for a better life, so as to provide strong support for the soft power of cities.We must put people first, put quality first, and continue to meet the people’s ever-growing needs for a better life. We must strive to ensure that young children are well educated, that education is excellent, that employment is well-paid, that illness is well treated, that old age is well cared for, that housing is livable, and that the weak are well supported.We should put quality first, implement standards and regulations, vigorously implement the strategy of brand development, make consumer services more convenient, refined and professional, and make people’s lives more comfortable and convenient. We should follow the trend of personalized and diversified development of residents, accelerate industrial upgrading and consumption upgrading of consumer services, and ensure quality.We should continue to focus on key areas and demonstrate the development of consumer services, strengthen categorized guidance for consumer services, encourage local governments to actively cultivate their competitive advantages, strengthen the hierarchical and dislocated development of service industries in different regions, form a modern service industry development pattern with distinct features, complementary advantages and coordinated functions, and strive to create a model of Baoding as a lifestyle city.Promote the brands of “Baoding Creation”, “Baoding Service” and “Baoding Consumption” to enhance the recognition of baoding’s consumer service industry.We should continue to pursue innovation-driven development and digital empowerment, seize new opportunities for cross-border and integrated development of industries, make use of the Internet, big data and cloud computing to promote innovation in business forms, management and services, and develop diverse and personalized potential service demands that meet the needs of different income groups.We need to pursue green development and low-carbon living, promote the greening of service processes and consumption patterns, make scientific and rational use of various resources, promote the high-level development of consumer services, and accelerate the transformation of lifestyles and the upgrading of consumption structure.We will continue to be problem-oriented and focus on the main areas of work. We will refine our work plans and set targets for 30 key tasks, including “one senior official and one minor,” the central kitchen, housekeeping, community services, sports services, and the credit system, so as to give full play to the synergy between the invisible hand of the market and the visible hand of the government.To ensure that the “about promoting consumer services make up on board level several opinions to improve people’s quality of life fall to the ground, creating a batch of the competitiveness of national innovative consumer services enterprises, a batch of leading enterprises, to create a group of leading lifestyle brand of baoding and industry standards, foster a batch of national and provincial demonstrative type business circle and old feature blocks.Party xiaolong stressed that the development of the consumer service industry requires the majority of enterprises to play the main role and give full play to their initiative to form a good situation in which everyone paddled the ship.To be the enterprise that pursues excellence and strives for excellence, to pursue excellence with professional focus, to cast first-class brand with first-class quality, to be the carrier enterprise, century-old enterprise, world-class enterprise, to be the individual champion, invisible champion and industry champion.We should keep pace with The Times and take the lead, promote digital and intelligent transformation and cross-border integration for the future, meet consumer demand through all channels online and offline, and be the explorer, organizer and leader of innovative development.We should be an enterprise that values talents and produces a large number of talents, strengthen the awareness of talents, attach great importance to the introduction of talents, further broaden the channels for attracting talents, and intensify the efforts in talent training.To be an enterprise that serves the people and thinks about the source of drinking water, we should be passionate and benefit Baoding. We should take the lead in building more and better projects in Baoding, leave more opportunities to Baoding, participate in more public welfare and charity activities, and strive to become a new force in building a new development pattern and promoting high-quality development in the new era.All levels and departments should create a better business environment for the development of enterprises, make every effort to solve their difficulties, support their development, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.Yan jihong pointed out that it is necessary to find a precise entry point, establish a benchmarking access system, open up large-scale development paths, launch market-oriented application scenarios, enrich 24-hour convenience stores, pharmacies and other businesses, and one-stop meet the needs of People’s Daily life services.We need to strengthen the support points and further strengthen the four pillars of human resources, fiscal and taxation, finance and factors of production through the combination of an efficient market and a competent government to upgrade the consumer service industry.We need to focus our efforts on research and formulation of supporting policies, strengthen the exemplary and leading role of associations and leading enterprises, and help the city of modern quality life to develop to a new level and accelerate with high-quality development of industries.Before the forum, Party Xiaolong went into kitai Health Care Center, Doublet Hotel by Hilton, Deng Feng Sports Park, Baoding Banquet Food museum, Wanghuchun community canteen sunshine shop, Mingyao Hui Beijing Normal University Experimental school restaurant, Wanbo Square small cattle shop and other places, field visits, research and inspection.Kitai Nursing Center is a combination of “pension, medical treatment, rehabilitation, nursing, health care and culture and entertainment” in one of the elderly care service institutions.Dang Xiaolong listened to the report on the operation of the project, visited the model room for living, the medical rehabilitation area and the cultural and entertainment area, communicated with the staff, and inquired about the nursing situation of the elderly and cultural and entertainment activities.He stressed the need to face the Beijing and Tianjin markets, promote the coordinated development of pension services and pension industry, tap the potential of the “silver economy”, cultivate high-quality and professional pension service resources, and foster and develop new economic drivers.Hilton is an internationally renowned hotel management company.In Doubletree By Hilton Zhongbo baoding, Party Xiaolong listened to the overall situation of the hotel, inspected the all-day restaurant, banquet hall, conference room and guest room, and had a detailed understanding of the hotel’s operation and management.He stressed that we should learn from the advanced experience of Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places, highlight comprehensive, modern and high-quality, integrate into Baoding, embrace new technologies, open up new models, build influential commercial complex, play a leading role in promoting the upgrade of baoding’s cultural and tourism consumption.Dengfeng sports park located in the high-tech zone has become baoding citizens’ leisure clock.Party Xiaolong visited badminton hall, basketball hall, indoor football hall, horse stadium and other places successively, after listening to the operation report, stressed that we should improve the public sports infrastructure, build a higher level of public fitness public service system, enrich the people’s spare time life, improve the quality of people’s life.”Baoding Banquet” combines baoding characteristic cuisine with cultural tourism, and is committed to creating an edible food museum.At the construction site, The Party Xiaolong detailed understanding of the project background, core content, design concepts and ideas, listen to the “Shoe City Museum” “Lotus Pond food academy” “catering porcelain museum” “Baoding intangible Cultural Heritage, time-renowned restaurant snack museum” four theme museum introduction, understand the “Baoding banquet” exhibition.He stressed that the city of the future must be a cultural place with creativity, knowledge and ideas, so it should adhere to high standards of design and construction to make it a cultural and art complex favored by young people.To be rooted in excellent traditional culture, so that the food and beverage cultural creativity more rich, cultural taste more rich.We should give full play to the radiating and driving role of tourism, build China into an influential cultural tourism destination, and expand and strengthen the soft power of cities.The public catering industry is closely related to people’s lives.Party Xiaolong came to wanghuchun community canteen sunshine store, Mingyao Hui Beijing Normal University Experimental school restaurant and Wanbo Square small cattle store, field investigation canteen, restaurant dining environment and neighborhood reception center, food processing area, student dining area, listen to the operation, service report.He stressed that we should enrich the business format, enlarge the brand effect, extend the industrial chain, give priority to the purchase of local agricultural products, drive the development of upstream and downstream industries, expand and strengthen enterprises, excavate baoding catering culture, and tell a good story of Baoding catering.Dang Xiaolong also took an elevator to the 55th floor of Wanbo Square, overlooking the whole of Baoding.City leaders Zhang Guibao, Hou Xiaoping, Zhang Zhikui, Dan Yougao respectively participated in the activity.Relevant municipal units, relevant associations and representatives of enterprises in the field of life service attended the discussion.Copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact us

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