RNM!Money back!Worst dunk contest in history, a lot of crap. Green’s a one-track mind

The most interesting part of All-Star Weekend, the individual competition, kicks off. Each year, a new creative format is introduced, and the dunk contest is the hottest, most eye-catching and hormonal finale of the individual competition.For the first time, rockets fans have been waiting for the dunk contest, thanks to the presence of jaylen “Baby bump” Green.The competition system has changed drastically, divided into three groups of knights, letters and rookies, completely transformed into a team competition.At the same time, the two skill links of passing and shooting were refined, and the final comprehensive test link was retained, which made the game more enjoyable and interesting.In the preliminary competition, the Knight group, alphabet group and rookie group each won the shooting competition, the passing competition and the composite competition. In the one-shot decisive battle, the rookie group took 9.9 seconds to hit three midcourt points, and thought the championship had been in the bag.It took only 4.4 seconds for the Cavaliers to snatch the rookie title with an arrow through the heart on their second shot.The Knight group holds the trophy of “Wuliangye packaging Box”.The three-point contest included: Blowing Young, Kennard, Lavine, Mills, Bain, McCollum, Vanvleet and Towns.After the preliminary competition Kennard (28 points), Blowing Yang (22 points), Towns (22 points) three to the final.Then the three gave the most intense, the most exciting three-point final in recent years, Kennard, Blowing Yang’s high score of 26 points can only tie for second.Towns was quick, accurate and explosive with 29 points to break Curry’s 28-point mark and become the first center in NBA history to win the three-point title.Towns kisses the bracelet with his mother’s name on it after the game.Then came the Slam Dunk contest, in which Green wore a city jersey.The three-point contest is as exciting as the dunk contest.The bigger the hope, the bigger the disappointment, the more unexpected way green was eliminated.In the preliminary round, cole Anthony wore his father’s jersey and put on a pair of big yellow boots. He made two mistakes after a baffling drama and barely scored 40 points with a final deduction.Anderson, who wore a Mexico color jersey and sneakers, scored 44 points with his mouth and windmills, while Topin scored 44 points with his back and unsupported moves three times.Normally, the previous opponent’s score is not high, but Green played a difficult sideboard combination, the first look is responsible for the pass lazy bear had a bad feeling, the result is a serious combination of crotch pull, even a shot straight to the bottom of the backboard.Plus Green this kid is single-minded, determined not to change the action, it’s embarrassing to see the cancer committed.O ‘Neal’s five embarrassments came together in one day.Green’s second dunk was one of the most elegant in the contest, thanks to his peers.I don’t know if it was because of the four days and four games or because of the frustration of the guy, the second dunk looked like a lack of energy, and the final score of 45 points – all of their own save to reach the final, is really interesting.Throughout the dunk contest in recent years, this year was almost a collective crotch pull, several rounds down a full score of dunks did not, finally Topin 45+47 to win the dunk contest champion.The dunk contest has gone from the winner with a perfect score to the winner with a dunk, and the view has gone straight to the Mariana Trench and you have to shout: “RNM!!Refund!!”

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