Sauce wine heart, send you “spring date”

Today is February 1, 2022, the first day of Chinese New Year, 46 days before the opening of the third “Heart of Jangju theme Exhibition”.Spring, meet sauce wine of the heart, about spring, wonderful infinite.Date: March 19-23, 2022 Venue: Chengdu Xanadu Hotel In the Heart of Sauce Wine These sauce wine brands will meet you in the heart of Sauce Wine these wonderful activities will meet you in the heart of Sauce Wine 2021 Chinese sauce wine Brand influence TOP100 list release and Summit Forum:According to the TOP100 influential brands of Chinese soy wine based on data, who is the most influential and who can make the list?See the list, know the trend, get business opportunities, innovative high.The 2nd China Sauce wine New Leaders’ Conference: pay tribute to the leaders, pay tribute to the leader enterprises, higher quality, more beautiful culture, better service, greater value, influence the sauce wine pattern, lead the development trend, shoulder the market responsibility, is the new sauce wine leader, the market momentum.The 2nd China Wine Industry Trend Release Conference: a bigger stage, more cutting-edge wine industry trend, make “prediction” into “evolution”, make “trend” into “reality”.

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