Stop the ball one meter away!Wang Shanchao is difficult to change his true character, the national football team left wide slotted spoon, not into the national team

Beijing time on February 1, the world preliminary round 8 games continue to kick off, China team away challenge Vietnam team, the first half of the game, China team defense line all sleepwalking, all kinds of mistakes continue to send 2 lost ball, The National football team suffered two bludgeons 0-2 behind, who can think of this outcome?The Chinese team became a joke.Vietnam team the first goal, on the cross, the area road flank player climbed high, force Wang Shen overpressure header, this is the team’s pre-match discussion of tactics, that is header bombing Vietnam team, but the result was blasted by the opponent, and the second goal, Vietnam team right through to the cross, the team’s penalty area personnel man-marking error, snatched shot again!The two sides of The National football team become an attack channel for the opponents to take advantage of. The defense of Zhang Linpeng and Wang Shenchao on the wings is completely paper paper. The partnership of the central defenders Jiang Guangtai and Zhu Chenjie is really a disgrace to the Chinese team.Four lines, the most criticized Wang Shen super performance, because he start from 12 strong TuTuTu on the left is all sorts of rivals, the game, he is a low-level mistakes, ball game the 36th minute, Vietnam team attack, at the foot of the ball high up to Wang Shen super, stop the ball with his foot, the result directly to hear his face, and then pop up 1 meter far,Vietnam seized the opportunity to attack, fortunately, the final Chinese players broke up the attack.This is Wang Shen super, stop the ball a few meters away is not the first time he appeared, the cup in China, he stopped the ball many times, waste team offensive opportunities, and then to opponent offensive opportunities, but also illegal to wear necklace play play, also so suspended, but now he still cannot alter the elder brother of the rough character, ball is really too bad!This is Chinese football, a player like Wang Shanchao is also a national football player, the best full-back in China, and at his level, he does not deserve to be in the national team at all. However, when there are no tigers among the mountains, the monkey is king, Wang Shanchao’s performance in the national team, all kinds of low-level mistakes, can be regarded as a missing spoon!

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