“Striving for the first class and climbing the peak”, striving to push taizhou government offices administration to make breakthroughs and leapfrog

Intersection on February 14, taizhou authority affairs administration held 2022 annual “first-class scaling new heights” project learning education activities to mobilize the deployment, guide each party member cadre staff focused to learn, calm down and think, practical work and development of the stand, benchmarking formed with one, rushed to carry thick atmosphere.In 2021, The Taizhou Government Offices Administration has committed itself to strong work and continuously advanced, winning the title of “Civilized Unit of Jiangsu Province” for six consecutive years and the second prize of “Innovation Award of Municipal Reform”.In the process of party history study and education, the project of “helping farmers in old areas” tried new measures of poverty alleviation, with buying instead of donating, buying instead of helping, and the project was selected as an excellent case of the city’s “I do practical things for the masses” practice activity.”Striving for excellence and scaling new heights, all Party members, cadres and workers are not bystanders, still less outsiders.We should always maintain enthusiasm, responsibility and passion, seize development opportunities, and push forward our work by learning, learning and learning, with the belief and ability of ‘good deeds make good achievements’ and’ work will be successful ‘.”He Jun, secretary of the Party Group and director of Taizhou Government Offices Administration, said that the special learning education lasts throughout the whole year, and the courses have various forms and rich contents. It is not easy to learn well and thoroughly, and to turn it into practical work.Party members, cadres and workers should refrain from thinking about tasks and temporary concepts and resolutely prevent “bursts of wind”.This requires everyone in the study, to have the spirit of sitting on the bench, so that no attention, concentration, for their own weak links and difficult problems encountered in the work of unremitting search, the formation of learning, thinking, improve the effective path, the knowledge and skills learned in practice, promote the work.We should vigorously promote the spirit of “three distrust” of the city, overcome the fear of difficulties and annoyance, dare to chew on “hard bones”, dare to take on “heavy burden”, firmly establish the idea of “dare to do, brave to take on responsibility, will succeed”.To establish learning is also work, learning is life, and is to better work and life concept, really integrate learning into daily, focus on ordinary, become regular, to promote their comprehensive ability and quality of the overall improvement.It is understood that the thematic learning and education activities are closely related to the important task of “Committing to the people’s livelihood, concentrating on the transformation, and starting the new journey of socialist modernization”, and strive to solve the practical problems that do not conform to, adapt to and fail to meet the development of government offices affairs in the new era in terms of ideology, style and work.Encourage party members, officials and workers to raise the bar, strive for excellence, take responsibility and scale new heights with an indomitable spirit.The overall goals include: a change in mindset.In line with the new requirements for the modernization of government office management capabilities, we will guide Party members, officials and employees to break away from self-enclosed and conservative ideas, abandon their concerns about the future and worries about gains and losses, focus on overcoming arrogance and complacency, actively press ahead, and enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency to emancipate their minds and transform their development.Temper the perfect style.Advocate work, always with a rolling stone gathers up the courage, by perseverance, reality only diligent style of climbing camp, go on, the burden to carry, work diligently, hard work to become the general party member cadre worker behavior norms and distinctive features, forging a political, professional, good as good as high quality specialized cadres;Improve comprehensive quality.Around the center work of the municipal party committee and organization affairs management function, further enhance the political awareness of the party member cadre worker bureau system, overall situation consciousness, improve learning ability to think, ascension based on post rite of creative work ability, work for organ transaction management provide strong personnel for the development of high quality support and intellectual support;Strive for first-class standards.With the mind of “the mountain is high and I am the peak”, we strengthen the mission of “striving to set an example, striving to demonstrate and walk in the forefront”, jump out of the overall situation to see the work, and aim at “the province is in the forefront and the country is influential”. We take the lead in the cause of the standard, staring at the first-class work, and strive to promote the transformation and upgrading of the city’s government office affairs management, and make breakthroughs and leapfrog.Wang Ping, deputy director of Taizhou Government Offices Administration, proposed that we should grasp the main tasks and objectives of learning and education.To put it simply, they are the “four breakthroughs”, “four endeavors” and “four commitments”. First, we need to get rid of conventional wisdom, address the lack of a spirit of innovation, and continue to stimulate vitality through innovation.Second, we need to get rid of laziness and laxity, focus on solving the problem of improper conduct, and demonstrate responsibility with a strong style of work.Third, get rid of the fear of ability, focus on solving the problem of low awareness of learning, adhere to zero awareness to enhance the ability to study and perform duties.Fourth, we should do away with complacency, address the problem of setting a low standard for our work, and strive to achieve first-class performance based on first-class standards.Correspondent Chen Bing Wang Wei tai statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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