Zhang Xiaoqiang took office as president of Jinjiang Group

He has worked in Jinjiang Hotel system for more than 20 years and served as CEO of Jinjiang Hotel twice.Zhang Xiaoqiang was appointed president of Jinjiang International Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Jinjiang Group) in a personnel appointment and removal notice issued by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.Prior to that, Zhang Xiaoqiang was vice President of Jin Jiang Group and Chairman of Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Jin Jiang Hotels).On March 19, 2021, Jinjiang Hotel announced that Zhang Xiaoqiang would no longer serve as the CEO of the company, and zhu Qian would take over. Zhang Xiaoqiang was recommended as the vice chairman of the company.On May 25, Zhang Xiaoqiang became the ninth chairman of Jinjiang Hotel after the board of directors deliberated.Jinjiang Group is the controlling shareholder of Jinjiang Hotel, and jinjiang Group is 100% owned by Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.Compared with Jinjiang Hotel, Jinjiang Group’s business is more diversified, including hotel, tourism, passenger transport, real estate, industry, finance and other industries, holding (or indirectly holding) jinjiang Capital, Jinjiang Hotel, Jinjiang Online and Jinjiang Tourism listed companies.Prior to that, Zhang served as chief executive officer of Jin Jiang Hotel twice.During the first term, Jin Jiang hotel acquired The Fashion Tour and launched its first mid-range hotel brand, Jin Jiang Du Cheng.During the second term of office, Jinjiang Hotel completed the integration of its series of brands on the basis of the scale of large-scale acquisition.Up to now, Zhang Xiaoqiang has been working in Jinjiang System for more than 20 years.On May 27, 2011, Zhang Xiaoqiang officially appeared in the announcement of Jinjiang Hotel for the first time and was added as the director of the sixth Board of Directors of Jinjiang Hotel.On September 6 of that year, Zhang became chief executive of Jinjiang Hotel.At that time, mid-end hotels were budding in the domestic market: Huazhu had been laid out for the whole season. In January 2010, the first Hanting · All Season hotel opened in Wulin, Hangzhou.Home as early as 2008 launched the positioning of the high-end and yi hotel.In late October 2011, Jinjiang Hotel’s first mid-range hotel brand jinjiang City (renamed since Dahua Hotel) began trial operation. In that year, Jinjiang Hotel signed 29 Jinjiang City projects.In June 2013, Jin Jiang Hotel acquired Fashion Tour for 710 million yuan to rapidly expand the scale of mid-end hotels.At the same time, Jinjiang Hotel has also made some moves in its international layout.In November 2011, Jinjiang Star Travel Management Co., LTD., the holding subsidiary of Jinjiang Hotel, held the signing ceremony of “Brand Cooperation Framework Agreement” with Louvre Group, and both sides agreed to distribute jinjiang’s brand “Jinjiang Star” overseas through the form of “brand alliance”.At the same time, it introduced Campanile, which is owned by Louvre, to China.This cooperation, perhaps also for the future Jinjiang Group acquisition lu Fu foreshadowed.During the period from 2011 to 2013, the scale of Jinjiang hotels also kept rising, increasing from 544 hotels opened at the end of 2011 to 823 hotels in 2013.In terms of the annual net signing number of Jinjiang Hotel, the net signing number of Jinjiang Hotel is 147 in 2011, 157 in 2012 and 160 in 2013.In November 2013, Jinjiang Hotel issued an announcement that Zhang xiaoqiang would no longer serve as the company’s CEO due to job changes.In that month, Zhang Was appointed vice President of Jinjiang Capital (jinjiang Hotel’s direct controlling shareholder company);The following month, he took over as chief executive officer of Jinjiang International Hotel Management Co., LTD., a full-service hotel management company under Jinjiang, which is directly controlled by Jinjiang Capital.During 2013-2016, Jinjiang started the “crazy buying” mode: In 2014, Jinjiang Group announced the acquisition of France Louvre;In 2015, Jinjiang Hotel announced the acquisition of Plateno Group, and then announced the acquisition of Vienna Hotel in 2016. Under the successive large-scale mergers and acquisitions, the hotel scale under jinjiang system continues to expand.After completing its acquisition of Radisson Blu in 2018, Jin Jiang Group, the owner of Jin Jiang Hotel, became the second largest hotel group in the world that year, according to the rankings published by US-BASED Hotels.But the immediate question is, how should Jinjiang hotel integrate these acquired hotel brands?Attention is also being paid to whether Jinjiang, as a state-owned company, will be able to keep the acquired company alive.On July 27, 2016, Zhang Xiaoqiang assumed the post of CEO of Jinjiang Hotel for the second time.Under the guidance of the sixteen character policy of “unchanged gene, integration of background, complementary advantages and common development”, Jinjiang Hotel set up WeHotel platform jointly with all parties’ capital in 2017 to provide unified booking and membership operation for all its hotel brands.At the same time, jinjiang global procurement platform and Jinjiang global financial sharing platform were successively established.Unlike other companies that immediately start the “replacement” mode after merger and acquisition, Jinjiang Hotel “stays put” in organizational structure for quite a long period of time and gives priority to integrating system platform.On the one hand, the early integration of system platform is conducive to the subsequent integration of organizational structure.On the other hand, Jinjiang Hotel also hopes to integrate into the cultural genes of different enterprises and learn from each other.Therefore, plateno and Vienna have maintained independent operation and development for a long time after the completion of the acquisition.Brewing for nearly four years later, in May 2020, jinjiang hotel opened a major organization structure adjustment, to set up the jinjiang hotel (China), zhang xiaoqiang as chairman and chief executive, on the whole the front-end brand genes unchanged, the jinjiang hotel in Shanghai, shenzhen (China) headquarters, set up three sets brand team, regional branches,Break down barriers between subsidiaries and re-divide management.Meanwhile, in terms of system, Jinjiang Hotel has established a flat organizational structure (all brands are directly managed by the president) and a results-oriented performance appraisal system.In terms of personnel, the middle and senior management team in Jinjiang Hotel (China) combines the original Vienna and Plateno teams to ensure the stability of the brand development.From 2016 to 2021, the store scale of Jinjiang Hotel has maintained a steady growth.At the end of 2016, the number of hotels opened in Jinjiang hotel was 5,868. By the third quarter of 2021, the number of hotels opened in Jinjiang hotel increased to 10,195.During this period, jinjiang acquired hotel brands have also achieved good development.In terms of room size, according to the 2021 China hotel group TOP50 report, as of January 1, 2021, Vienna, lifeng, zhefang and xian rank the first, the third, the ninth and the tenth among the “TOP30 mid-end chain hotel brands in China” respectively.At the same time, Jinjiang Hotel also established the Jinjiang Global Innovation Center (GIC), which together with the aforementioned “three platforms” are located in the Jinjiang Brand Innovation Industrial Park on Longcao Road, Shanghai. Together, they constitute the “one Center and three platforms” of Jinjiang Hotel.Jinjiang Hotel attaches great importance to the project, saying that jinjiang brand Innovation Industrial Park will become the world’s largest hotel brand innovation, experience, manufacturing RESEARCH and development base;At the same time, it also said that “one center and three platforms” will become the innovation growth engine of Jinjiang Hotel in the future.Among them, Jinjiang global procurement platform integrates multiple resources to provide hotels with “intelligent, digital and platform-based” procurement and supply chain services from the preparation stage to the operation stage.According to the latest research report issued by Deppon Securities, the annual GMV of Jinjiang global procurement platform is now more than 10 billion, and large-scale direct procurement is expected to reduce franchisees’ opening and operating costs to the greatest extent (single-room investment costs are expected to reduce by 10%-15%).Jinjiang global Financial sharing platform will benchmark international leading practice, gradually complete the integration of business finance, strengthen data application, create smart finance, and ultimately help hotel groups achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase, and facilitate transformation and upgrading.GIC is positioned as the “brain of Jin Jiang” to explore the group’s innovation-related work, including innovative concept hotel brands, innovative enabling modular solutions, and upgrading of existing brands.In 2021, JIN Jiang Hotel launched a high-end hotel brand with the theme of Oriental Zen culture, Gyeonggak, a hotel brand targeting mid-high-end natural happiness, the first apartment brand, Jingli Apartment, and the introduction of Radisson’s high-end hotel Brand Lili in China, all with GIC behind.Today, the outbreak again and again under the pressure of business, zhang xiaoqiang this new jinjiang group President, is faced with greater challenges, such as how to continues to do bigger and stronger, on the basis of the hotel business, leading to jinjiang tourism travel agency business as the core, and vehicle operation and auto service business as the core of jinjiang online to achieve further development,And to form a closer collaboration with the main hotel business?Become a force to influence the industry together

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