Advice for bachelors: When it comes to finding a wife, don’t follow the old playbook and focus on new ideas

On New Year’s Eve of 2022, Vietnamese Internet star Ah Ho brought her Chinese boyfriend Liu Liu home. The couple wanted to appeal to their elders to get engaged as part of their family reunion, but the woman’s parents were furious and tried to break up the couple.What made the woman’s parents furious?It turned out that Her daughter Ah Ho wanted to follow her boyfriend Liu Liu to China, so she proposed, got engaged and got married. She hoped to get the support of her parents, but she was stuck in her family background.It turned out that the woman’s grandfather, parents and elder brother were all soldiers, especially the two older brothers who were preparing to join the Party and be promoted to the post all needed political examination. If her daughter Aho went to China, there was no doubt that her brother’s political future would be ruined.So the girl’s father, when he heard that the Chinese guy proposed and wanted to take his daughter to China, was so furious that the whole dinner was not good.In the end, Ah Ho’s father suggested two ways: The first way was to become a Vietnamese citizen and buy real estate in his wife’s name and live in Vietnam.The second way is to postpone the engagement or marriage for a few years, until the success of brother Gan.But there are big variables in both naturalization and the postponement of marriage, since the man is 31.01 Vietnamese Internet celebrity Ah Ho lost in love, reflecting the Vietnamese society of Chinese concerns and attitude, is also full of pits.Due to historical reasons, the love and hatred between Chinese and Vietnamese peoples has lasted for thousands of years.During the Qin and Han dynasties, Vietnam belonged to our territory and began to be independent at the end of the Tang Dynasty.Ming Dynasty Zhu Di years again returned to China’s territory, the middle of the Ming dynasty and independence.In modern times, north Vietnam became independent in 1945. In September of the same year, The French invaded Hanoi from Saigon. With The support of China, the Vietnamese army drove out the French army.Instead of France, the United States supported the puppet regime in the south, so Vietnam waged a 15-year war of Reunification from 1961 to 1975. The key to its victory was China’s support.So during ho Chi Minh’s lifetime, China and Vietnam entered the honeymoon period and became brotherly states.After the death of Ho Chi Minh in 1969, Lai Sun, who took over from Him, changed his position and threw himself into the arms of the Soviet Union after the unification of Vietnam. He then moved westward to control Laos and wanted to take over Cambodia. With great ambition, they listed us as the number one enemy and harassed and attacked our border areas.In 1979, Vietnam fought a counter-offensive in self-defence against Vietnam. As a result of the war, more than 40,000 Vietnamese troops lost their lives and more than 100,000 were captured. Important towns in north Vietnam were razed to the ground, bankrupting Vietnam’s plan for a “Federation of Indochina”.As a result, China and Vietnam have been at odds for more than a decade and did not normalize relations until 1991.So now the Vietnamese treat us the same way we treat the Japanese.So Chinese bachelors go to Vietnam in search of love, these are the kind of families that should not be touched.One is a military family.One is a family of civil servants.One is a family in a public institution.Due to the reasons of political review, the girls of these three families are not willing to marry outside. If you insist on going to these three pits, it is you who will be hurt.With such a complex historical complex, it is obvious that Vietnamese men reject Chinese, and there have been large-scale anti-Chinese events.But why have Vietnamese wives become the first choice for Chinese bachelors to marry foreign brides?First of all, it is related to Vietnam’s first connection with the Chinese market in the 1990s. Most of the industrial transfer is to Vietnam, so there are frequent exchanges between China and Vietnam.Secondly, The Cultural connotation of The Vietnamese is closest to that of the Chinese. Apart from the language difference, the Vietnamese are essentially similar to the Chinese, and it is easier to live with the Chinese than koreans and Japanese.Third, the customs are basically the same.Vietnam’s festivals, such as Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, twelve zodiac signs and Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism cultural beliefs, are of the same origin with Chinese culture. Moreover, many Vietnamese words are similar to those of Guangdong and Guangxi. Vietnamese can speak Fluent Mandarin in 7-8 months after learning Chinese.Fourth, the economic gap between China and Vietnam makes Vietnamese women willing to live in China.China’s economy is about 15 years ahead of Vietnam’s, the domestic factory workers can get 5000, Vietnam may be around 2000, the salary difference is twice, the Chinese working in Vietnam is even 5 times of Vietnamese.Fifth, Vietnamese men can’t be trusted.Compared with the superior economic conditions and the relative family-oriented traditional Chinese, Vietnamese men are lazy, bad-tempered, and even supported by women. Chinese men are simply blue chips among short people looking for champions.Sixth, with the support of popular culture, Vietnamese women generally favor China.The deep influence of Chinese pop music, TV series, movies and other forms of entertainment on Vietnam has led to Vietnamese women’s higher opinion of Chinese men. In backward countries, it is normal for women to worship foreign things more or less.Therefore, it is very easy for Chinese people who do business and work in Vietnam to find Vietnamese girlfriends, and some women are proud of finding Chinese boyfriends.Quality men themselves are the hot property for women to pursue, and it is easier to cultivate relationships in Vietnam for work and business.But it’s another thing to exchange money for love.You think you can buy a wife for tens of thousands or a hundred thousand through a marriage agency.That’s wrong now.Even Vietnamese know that most matchmaking agencies are scams.Vietnam was really poor in the 1990s and 1990s, so money can really get things done.Now that times have changed and there are more factories in Vietnam, it is easier to earn a decent living as long as you work hard.Vietnam is a tropical country, fruits, vegetables, grains more than a year ripe, meat, eggs, milk and other acquisition costs are low, the cost of living in rural areas and construction is even better than some of our poor areas.Another is that Vietnamese girls are generally more filial, leaving home to marry is not the choice of most people, unless you are far better than Vietnam in domestic conditions.In addition, they generally attach great importance to feelings. Even if you go back to China, it is not good for her, she is not allowed to visit her parents, she is not allowed to send money home. Once there is a family conflict, even if she gives birth to a child, she will still run away.Therefore, emotional basis is the most important, take the money to find a marriage agent, life is not familiar, the process to go through, over the money, people can bring back is one thing, the most important is, do not fold people there.Women look for good economic conditions, grow more handsome, natural, countries are.Bachelor a little younger still easy to say, age more than 40 years old, still want to look for young beautiful girl, ask you dream no?Some advice. If you really want to go to Vietnam to find love, you need to plan it.First, take some time to learn about Vietnamese customs, etiquette and taboos.Secondly, learn some daily Vietnamese for simple daily communication, with translation software, or the other person knows a little Chinese, so that there will be no common topics to talk about.Third, be prepared to stay for a long time.Get a travel visa, work visa, live in Vietnam for a few months, or look for a job with a Chinese company or business there. This way you can get in touch with some Vietnamese girls, and with a thick skin your chances of finding them will increase dramatically.Don’t look for an intermediary if you can, and spend less money in vain.It is better to have money to do business, open a merchant shop or a small company, recruit staff and waiters, contact for a long time, you are a small boss on the status, the girl’s heart is easy to move.A good phenomenon is that some Vietnamese women also want to find a Chinese boyfriend to practice Their Chinese, and their income in Chinese companies is relatively high in the future. Why not take what they need from each other?Here’s the point.What if you’re not handsome, you’re old, and you don’t have much money?That’s how you learn to pick up the slack in Vietnam.First, make a long visit to a dating agency, make sure it’s a proper one and try your luck there, which is for the thin-skinned.Second, prepare to take over divorced women with children.Vietnam many Japan, South Korea and Taiwan businessmen of senior workers, often very flower heart, they associate after a period of time, will be irresponsible to abandon the woman.This is more reliable Chinese, pregnant most will not run away.Some abandoned women are pregnant and have children. It is not easy to take care of a child alone, so the requirements for a mate are lowered.At this time, you can accept to find a send a, drag home with the conditions of the mouth, good luck, also will be a success.In short, it is very difficult for the domestic elderly single men to rely on domestic production and sales.More than 40 million male bachelors can hardly change their lives without a foreign wife.But hammering iron also need their own hard, to lay their own economic foundation is king.Especially those who are not good appearance condition, old bachelor, pay attention to self-cultivation, save more money to have chips, and live with you for a lifetime, conditions are not as good as Vietnam, why can retain their hearts?Fortunately, although Vietnam pit many, but more women and less men, or better than the domestic wife, and the bride price is not a lot, bride price marriage tens of thousands, a little different is that southeast Asian women like to send living expenses to the family, this concept you have to accept, how many hundreds of a month, is a meaning.If you can’t find confidence in Vietnam, you’ll have to try your luck in a worse country like India or Africa.As the saying goes, there are three unfilial, the greatest, to seek their own happiness, but also as early as possible ah, you say?(– End — Welcome to follow and comment)

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