Five siblings forced their husband to divorce for a man 16 years younger than themselves: Mother is too cruel to us

Xu ying has been married to her husband for nearly 30 years and they have five children.Her husband was very good-natured and obedient to her, and the children were obedient and well-behaved.She is obedient to their husband, and a few clever obedient child, you might suppose she should cherish family, but since she knew little himself after 16 “Zeng Xiang”, broke her cognition of happiness, her for the sake of with Zeng Xiang, pushed the husband with his divorce, a few child cries mother don’t leave them, but she had no scruples about children’s feelings,In order to be with Zeng Xiang, he betrayed his husband and “cut off relations” with his children.She thought she would always be happy with Zeng Xiang. When they were first married, zeng xiang praised her so much that she felt like a “fairy”. She was completely immersed in this love, as if she were 18 years old again.But not for long, a few years later she found Zeng Xiang carrying her to find a woman in the outside, but now she is not out of bed, even went to the hospital to do check money all have no, she’s only repentance, original Zeng Xiang had with her, don’t abandon her age, is completely think they have money at the time, with her is to take advantage of her.Now remorseful and wanting to go back to her husband and get her children to take her back, she slumped on her bed and called her daughters, none of whom would come to see her.Such a good child, she had the heart to abandon Xu Ying and marry her husband.Children born one after another, the husband is the factory staff members, although income is not high, but to maintain the cost of living is more than enough in the home, her children makes her very worry, second child was born, old conference to help her to take care of, old boss second birth also together to help her to take care of the old, take care of the baby in this block, in addition to worry about her child’s eating and drinking problem,The children helped her with other household chores.Well, is this kid easy enough?Sometimes she even do not have to cook, whose children can have such obedient sensible, I estimate dream can laugh up, now the children at home which is not spoiled?Even Xu Ying had the heart to leave such a good child behind. I really don’t know how she made such a “heartless decision”.It’s ok to say “Zeng Xiang” is rich and handsome, but he is nothing. If he has no appearance and no ability, he only knows how to calculate her money and never thinks of anything else. But Xu Ying does not know that she has completely indulged in zeng Xiang’s sweet words.She can’t stand assembly line boring job, after her husband work in the factory for several months, she decided to work in guangdong industry, the first she over there in clothing wholesale archives mouths played a year of work, she found that clothing wholesale business is to make money, is very profitable, so she chipped in with a few friends around in guangzhou goes into a file mouth, she is five years.She went to guangzhou in the first year of understanding Zeng Xiang, at that time, his job is to help pull the goods from the archives mouths to transport, make a effort money among them, and one of her stall is Zeng Xiang clients, she had already adapted to the life here in guangzhou in recent years, among her many times to go home, although say husband children all around, but she has not used to living in the home.At the beginning, Xu ying was very resistant and always thought zeng Xiang was a child. However, as time went by, she found that zeng Xiang had a sense of humor and a high emotional intelligence. She often created some surprises and romances for her, which was simply “wonderful”.Every woman has a girl’s heart. No matter how old she is, although xu Ying is more than ten years older than Zeng Xiang, she always looks like an 18-year-old girl in front of Zeng Xiang. In this way, she did not stick to the bottom line of a good marriage and got together with Zeng Xiang.As time went by, she felt that her husband was like a partner, while Zeng Xiang was like her real husband. Besides, she and her husband worked in different places all year round, so they could not enter each other’s lives, but Zeng Xiang was always in her life.She decided to divorce her husband and marry Zeng Xiang. She took an opportunity to have a good talk with zeng Xiang.She asked Zeng xiang, knowing that he has a husband and children, don’t you feel wronged to be with him in this way?You don’t mind being 16 years older than him?Zeng Xiang answer let her very satisfied, Zeng Xiang said he did not feel wronged, but he will do his best to fight for, Zeng Xiang think love regardless of boundaries, regardless of age, if two people who do not love each other get married will not happiness, happiness of two people together, why not getting married, everyone has the power of the pursuit of happiness, of course also hope that he also with the husband for divorce.Zeng xiang also said that if he could marry Xu Ying, he would love and spoil her as he does now, and hold her in his hands all his life.Hearing these words, Xu Ying’s eyes were moved and filled with tears. She made up her mind to divorce her husband and marry Zeng Xiang. She put down her work and went back to her hometown to discuss divorce with her husband.’s presence Zeng Xiang Xu Yingai, her home during the negotiations with the husband divorce turned off the archives mouths in guangzhou, also differences with the children and actually Zeng Xiang value is not the man she, but her pocket money, she really save a lot of money over the years doing business in guangzhou, but also without knowing, her to such a man,A few years later, she ran out of money and fell ill in bed. She did not even have enough money to go to the hospital for a check-up.In order to divorce her husband, several children and her husband knelt down in front of her and begged him. The children even said:”If you divorce, we will never get married”, so to keep also, the children had thought will also care about their feelings, but this is also useless, he also always is a word “at any rate, the marriage I am from the”, and the children said if divorced, we don’t recognize this mom, you also feel that since you deny me,Then I don’t own you either.In this way, despite the dissuasion of the children, Xu Ying resolutely divorced her husband and broke off relations with her children.Is it worth it?Xu ying tried to ask herself, but she had already developed a strong affection for Zeng Xiang, and the question of whether to choose “Zeng Xiang” or “child” soon came back to her.Regret also she Zeng Xiang differ with the age of 16, after all, just when she had money, but the years Zeng Xiang doesn’t work, all the cost of living is full of her a person to assume, she also tried to continue to do clothing business, but dubious advantage, business are as good as that year, she also lost a lot of, let them along the way, even give them a golden hill is not enough.Elderly woman a year the same, just a few short years time, also old form is exposed, they both Zeng Xiang never walk in the street hand in hand with her, obviously this is a sign of abandon, Zeng Xiang said: “we walk on the street, a lot of people think that she is his mother”, but it age difference is very obvious.Ever since she ran out of money, Zeng Xiang has been idling around all day as before, and has an affair with other women from time to time. As for Zeng Xiang, he may have forgotten that he is a man and turned to someone else after spending all his money.Shortly before he also see Zeng Xiang with another woman on the street hand in hand to go shopping, go home later was a gas, and wake up your legs like ruined, no energy, can not stand, she thought about the family of good, at this time she call child no one willing to come over to see her, said she had with family members is so rude.But the children are offered to give her another chance, on condition that must be Zeng Xiang divorce, and Zeng Xiang should give her fifty thousand dollars, is just compensation over the years, but always idle Zeng Xiang, now they two live or rental, where to find this fifty thousand dollars to her, even if he find, isn’t he will give also?Zeng Xiang not take out the money, this is just the children want to use another way to punish them, things to this step, there is no loss for Zeng Xiang, play the play, he want to do, for he also is different, she breaks the hearts of the children, but also failed to live up to be subordinate to her husband.Also experience tells us that we must more transposition thinking, if she can calm down and think about it, not also go to this step today, their loved ones to you not take it for granted, there are some things that only once, will never have the second time, hope also can cherish from family forgive, take notice.

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