From hengyang high-end plate “self-cultivation”, such a mansion will be sought after

The best products that sell in this market right now come in one of two categories, either you’re outrageously cheap or you’re outrageously high-end.First of all, what qualifies as high-end?As we all know, Hengyang Xiangjiang river coastline winding long, Hengyang riverview room is not less, but the real scarcity is the first row.Moreover, if you want a river view, you have to rely on the core of the main city, and the surrounding facilities are mature, and the products themselves have to be classy. It can be described as the “best” in the high-end, almost out of print.And today I want to write about the return of the Huifang Goose is such a kind.It is one of the few headrow river views in Hengyang.Spread out the map, Xiangjiang from Hengyang city core through the city.Hui Fang Yan return is located on the west bank of the Xiangjiang River, east view of the river without shelter, directly facing the Xiangjiang first row of vision, and excellent enjoy super wide river view wide sheng jing, tens of kilometers extremely wide river view, hengyang on both sides of the city landscape all in the bag.② Only tens of meters away from the river, closer to embrace the “cross-strait scenery”.This project has natural geographical advantages, the nearest distance to the river, only tens of meters.Home is the Xiangjiang South road along the river scenery belt, walking along the Xiangjiang River comfortably complacent only across the road distance.This is hengyang on both sides of the three Rivers, one of the few closer embrace xiangjiang on both sides of the “high-end project”.2. Not only that, huifang Yan Returns combined with the geographical conditions of Back Mountain (Yingpan Mountain) and water (Xiangjiang River), relying on the terrain of height difference of the project, wind and gas, in the bustling city, to create an urban forest residence combining landscape and modern.Yingpan Mountain in the side of a line of vision, with the park as the companion of fresh air scenery, with a river on both sides of the bright scenery.Advantaged natural resources and cultural heritage, can let the inhabitant in prosperity and quiet between advance and retreat freely, and more mind vision and pattern of elite neighbors, then open the exquisite life of superior circle.Think about it and feel “worth it”!As the saying goes, “good horse with good saddle, good plate”, as the high-end improvement project of the urban core plate, the lot and resources of hui Fang Yan return have been rare.Careful study, will find that every inch of product grinding, but also always beyond your imagination!The project to create 3 140m super high-rise residential, standing beside the west bank of the Xiangjiang River, yingpan mountain occupies the core position, hengyang Xiangjiang river on both sides to provide a beautiful scenery line, to know that hengyang city is currently invested in the construction of the use of only one, hui Fangyan return on the scale, it is not the general project can be piped and.In addition, we have to mention the large flat layer of its super luxury configuration. Let’s take a look at the main product area segment of the building surface of about 448 square meters of seven rooms and six halls. Of course, it is not only large in area, but also rich in space.First let’s take a look at the layout: here to sum up a few highlights: 3.2 meters of extreme height, no beams and columns L-shaped “runway” balcony, master bedroom suite over 70 square meters with 270° curtain…After reading this pile of luxury keywords, is it very shocking?With a reception space of about 205 square meters and a height of 3.2 meters, you can design it into a coffee and leisure area according to your own needs, with comfortable and fashionable sofas and even a beautiful piano.Must say absolutely or its beam-column design L-shaped “runway type” balcony, as long as 18 meters, or do not want to do the top match!And the balcony and eat sitting room are perfectly linked together, the space is fully indecent.Secondly, each bedroom is designed as a suite, and the master bedroom covers an area of more than 70 square meters, creating the ultimate luxury space. The design of full glass curtain wall + system doors and Windows allows you to overlook the river with 270° circular curtain in the bedroom.In addition, each family enjoys an independent elevator and front room (expanded area), which not only makes a net profit of about 13 square meters of space, but also increases the privacy of the owner and creates a sense of homecoming ceremony.Not only that, but the rich area of the project also means that there are more options.Large flat floor apartments with a floor area of about 160 square meters and 245 square meters are also outstanding, with a height of 3.2 meters, large master bedroom space and 180 degree view, almost one floor for each family.△ Click to view the big picture 140m super high rise, large flat floor, first line river view……These metrics alone create a natural advantage: the circle.Living here, the height of the circle, it is self-evident that this era, whether neighbors or contacts, is also an important resource for life.Hui Fangyan return with internal expression of what is called “high-end plate self-cultivation”.Iv Having said this, I actually see a certain value or epitome of the current “successful people”.We have been in pursuit of a better life, with the comprehensive arrival of the current era of quality products, hengyang frontline river view value can be reflected.Located in hengyang city core plate, with a super line view of the river, the return of the Wild goose, with more people yearn for the charm.At present, the project is for sale as a quasi-existing house, and each house type has a physical model room. Walking into the project itself, what we can really see with the naked eye is no longer a paper of planning, no longer a sales rhetoric, but a place called “home” where you will live in the future.In addition to the model, exclusive 180 million heavy money to build the garden has also been real scene, and landscape first, this in the current market is also called a “I trench I capricious!”.Strategies for Strategies Not to deceive you, many netizens who have seen the real picture of the project sent a word to the products of Hui Fangyan return: Great!If you are tempted, I suggest you all go to the field to have a look, after all, “seeing is believing”.Please do not copy or reprint without permission.If you need to reprint, you can contact customer service personnel authorization;If there is plagiarism, live in Hengyang will complain to the end, until deleted!

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