Fuzhou: Explore “park +” tourists experience better

Taiwan Network Taiwan Network February 13, according to fuzhou Daily reported that “The original Fuzhou or China’s goldfish capital!””When I was a kid, I had goldfish in the yard, and there were also fish plants in the house.””The goldfish in the West Lake were once famous.”Many visitors to West Lake Park went to chenxi Square to watch the Fuzhou goldfish exhibition on Sunday.Today, the park is not only a place to enjoy flowers, scenery and walks, but also a place for citizens to participate in activities with different themes, enjoy performances full of cultural significance and enjoy leisure time with a cup of tea.The exploration of “Park +” makes the park more like a complex, expanding its functional boundary and providing citizens with a higher quality of life through multi-level “enjoy the park” experience.The West Lake goldfish exhibition attracted many people to watch.At the end of last month, The West Lake Park was filled with Peking Opera classics such as Ode to Pear Flowers and Ode to Red Plum blossoms.Aunt Liu, who came to this morning exercise, was attracted and took out her mobile phone video, “my wife is a theater fan. I didn’t come today, so I will record it for him.”The West Lake Park is a landmark for fuzhou citizens. It is a habit of many Fuzhou people to take a family walk in the West Lake Park during festivals.Now, they have more to look forward to when they visit West Lake Park, “where they often encounter wonderful intangible cultural heritage performances.”During the New Year’s holiday, the performers from Fanghua Yue Opera Theater performed for three days in front of the bonsai garden in West Lake Park to present “New Year gifts” to the visitors.Around the Lantern Festival, they will also walk into West Lake Park again.”The West Lake Park is the best-preserved classical garden in Fuzhou, with a history of more than 1,300 years. Opera performances with a long history are also staged here, highlighting the traditional meaning of gardens.”West Lake Park management office said the relevant person in charge.In order to make people more involved, West Lake Park has held two flower Festival in a row.In the second month of the lunar calendar, people dressed in Hanfu come to The West Lake Park to have a poem festival, flower festival and zanhua tour among pavilions and courtyards.Also for the tea Pavilion park of classical garden style, the name card of “Tea Pavilion bookstore” has been created. The ancient tea Pavilion that used to rest in the past has become the place of telling books today. Three commentary performances are held every week.In the White Pagoda Bookstore in Mianzhai Jingshe, a scenic spot in Yushan Mountain, there is also a regular chiyi storytelling performance, in which cheyi storytelling is performed in authentic Fuzhou dialect, leaving the audience with a great deal of interest.”Of all the senses, the most evocative is almost the sense of smell.”This quote from Rachel Carson’s Amazing Heart became the inspiration for the second phase of children’s Park’s Enjoy Nature Park Class.On January 15, 10 parent-child families visited the Happy Farm in the Children’s Park and made a “smell garden map” for the farm by touching and smelling it with their hands.”This event is new to me, too.Before I didn’t pay much attention to the smell of the plants around me, now I can tell the difference between rosemary and mint and tomato.”Ms. Yang, who took her children to the event, said it was a process of her and her children growing up and exploring together.For Zhong qing, who has retired, participating in gardening activities held in various parks is a way to enjoy life.She often attends flower arrangement classes in Qinting Lake Park and Jin ‘an River Park. Even after her family moved to Cangshan, she did not want to miss it. “The park provides us with such a good learning opportunity, of course we should cherish it.”While living in a compact city, dealing with nature seems to be a luxury, the park takes advantage of the spatial and professional advantages to increase the channels for citizens to interact with nature through gardening activities.From plant cultivation teaching, to on-site flower arrangement practice, and then to field planting activities, the city Garden Center held 76 activities with different themes through the “Green Bank” last year.At this time, the park is not only a beautiful space to grow flowers and grass, but also a classroom to transfer gardening knowledge and green ideas.”Although the public’s enthusiasm to participate in gardening classes is very high, there is a ‘broken circle’ problem at present, that is, the participants are relatively fixed, which limits the audience.”Jin ‘an River Park flower master Chen Xi said she is also looking for ways to expand publicity channels to get more citizens involved.There was a time when bringing your own water and dry food were standard fare for park visits.With the increasing emphasis on the consumption experience of citizens, the park management is also gradually aware of this problem.Since 2015, a number of parks have introduced automatic beverage vending machines and gradually increased the number of spots in the parks.Now, the park is further upgrading visitors’ experience and actively constructing the consumption scene in the park.Instead of walking around the park and going out, visitors are able to sit back and enjoy themselves.In the Flower Sea Park under the Gushan Bridge, the Spring Festival activities of “Year of the Tiger: Fu See · Savor the Year of China” are continuing. Rainbow toast, sushi doughnuts and other diverse foods are displayed here. Citizens can enjoy the flowers and lanterns while eating.In addition to the festival activities, some leisure restaurants are also located in the park.The 26° North Coffee shop in Minjiang Park is an old acquaintance, while the Hongwu Memory Cafe and Zuohai Dazhong Teahouse, which opened in Zuohai Park last year, are new faces.Ms. Zhang, who went to Zuohai Park for tea, said: “Zuohai public teahouse is affordable and close to the people, no time limit, and a comfortable environment. It is a good choice to find several friends to drink tea and chat here when you are free.”Not far from Zuohai Dazhong Teahouse, The Red House Memory Cafe is decorated with the British Red House, formerly known as “Wuzhou Scenery Garden”. On the famous review APP, the warm and elegant dining environment has become the most popular label for reviewers to choose this cafe.It is understood that many parks, such as Huahai Park, are also sorting out spare places and upgrading the park space through investment promotion.(Reporter Lin Yiting)

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