Has war broken out between Russia and Ukraine?Canada’s foreign minister suddenly dropped to his knees, saying Russian troops had killed more than 4,500 Ukrainian troops

As we all know, when the situation between Russia and Ukraine is constantly tense, the United States constantly interferes, leading to war on the verge of breaking out, and during this period, some other countries also do not forget to intervene, which led to the contradiction between Russia and Ukraine originally only, and gradually expanded into a “potential war” in Eastern Europe.In addition to the United States and Britain, Canada is also eager to come out to make trouble.In addition to sending special forces directly to Ukraine, Canada’s foreign minister made a parallel visit to the Ukrainian capital. During the visit, Canadian Foreign Minister John Rowley went to the Ukrainian martyrs’ Memorial wall, where he knelt under the pictures of more than 4,500 Ukrainian martyrs.While there was widespread confusion over what the Canadian foreign minister had done, a post by Joly on his social media account revealed Canada’s real thinking.In addition to Posting a picture of himself kneeling, Joly wrote that the more than 4,500 martyrs “died in the war against Russia.”At this sensitive and special moment, Joly’s tweet could easily lead to the misunderstanding that Ukraine and Russia “are at war” and that “Russia has killed more than 4,500 Ukrainian soldiers.”Both the kneel and the ambiguous tweet made it seem that it was not an “inadvertent act” by the Canadian foreign minister, but rather a deliberate attempt to confuse black and white and hype up the war situation.Even those arrogant European countries did not dare to rename the East Ukraine War as the Russia-Ukraine War. Only Canada stood out and played a leading role, maliciously distorting facts and hyping up public opinion.As a result, the Russian spokesman immediately publicly dismissed these false claims.We have to admit that Canada did a good job, not to mention the “stupid and bad” behavior of the Foreign minister kneeling in the snow.Canada, it seems, is just like the United States in getting what it wants.Ms Rowley, the foreign minister, had been in charge of the country’s culture and tourism before taking the job, a turnround that has made her career highly successful but has also made Canada’s foreign affairs less rational and professional.However, the War in Eastern Ukraine belongs to common sense, and Canada will never make such ambiguous actions because of “ignorance”. The more essential reason is that it knows it may cause misunderstanding, but that is the purpose of Canada.It is not hard to guess that the presence of a country like Canada makes it harder for Russia and Ukraine to stabilize.Some references: China Youth Net, Xinhua net, National Defense Times

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