Itu and the Three Conventions on Chemicals jointly organized a youth e-waste recycling icon design event

The China Foundation for Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development (CGDC) is an observer of the Three Chemical Conventions (Stockholm convention, Basel Convention and Rotterdam Convention).The CCTC Working Group has learned that the CCTC secretariat and THE International Telecommunication Union (ITU) are jointly organizing an e-waste Recycling Youth Design activity. The information of the activity is posted below for your reference and understanding.According to the SECRETARIAT of the Third Convention on Chemicals, e-waste is one of the most complex wastes in the world.Purpose: To design an icon that symbolizes the acquisition and collection of e-waste. Age requirement: 18-29 years old registered address:The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technology (ICT).Itu was founded in 1865 to promote the interconnectivity of international communication networks.We divide the global radio spectrum and satellite orbits, develop technical standards to ensure seamless interconnection of networks and technologies, and work to promote ICT access to underserved communities around the world.Itu divides the global radio spectrum and satellite orbits, sets standards for technologies to ensure seamless interconnection of networks and technologies, and works to increase ICT access to underserved communities around the world.Every time you make a phone call, surf the Web or send an email from your mobile phone, you are benefiting from itu’s work.Itu is committed to connecting everyone in the world — wherever they live and by what means of communication they use.We work to protect and support the right to communication for all.In accordance with its mandate and the WSIS outcome document, ITU continues to play a key role in the implementation and follow-up of WSIS.Itu was first established in 1865 to promote cooperation between international telegraph networks.Itu was born before many other standardization bodies, and its long and distinguished history includes many important “firsts”, such as the standardized use of Morse code and the world’s first radio and fixed telecommunications network.Ref. The international telecommunication union’s official website is China’s green hair international think-tank functions, in order to promote China deeply involved in global environmental governance launched a series of the latest dynamic global environmental governance.The translation is for reference only.Edited by Lucy and reviewed by Stan

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