Stadium partners with SML RFID to transform its retail business

Dallas, Feb. 11, 2022 / PRnewswire / — SML, the world’s leading brand digital solutions provider, today announced its total solutions partnership with Stadium, the leading Swedish sportswear retailer.SML RFID solutions, Inspire™ RFID tags and Clarity® enterprise software have been installed in Stadium stores to help transform inventory management and improve customer service.SML and Stadium started working together in 2018, and an initial pilot project has fully installed single-grade RFID technology in 180 Stadium stores in Northern Europe, enabling the brand to calculate inventory for each store on a weekly basis,Instead of an annual inventory check, Stadium also used RFID solutions to improve the replenishment process on the receiving and sales floors, increasing Stadium’s inventory accuracy from 70% to 99%, resulting in a significant improvement in business performance across the supply chain.Commenting on the company’s business transformation, Stadium Supply Chain Developer Johan Stenstrom commented:”Before we used THE SML RFID solution, we did not have a comprehensive understanding of our inventory level. Since we take inventory once a year, the current ERP software is unable to track lost, stolen or damaged inventory. We previously thought the inventory accuracy was close to perfect.With the help of SML RFID solutions, Stadium launched a RFID pilot in two of its stores in Stockholm. The pilot was so successful that Stadium began rolling out the technology to all of its stores and distribution centers and started tagging sources and distribution centers.”In order to better and realistically help people get their jobs done, we implemented Clarity® solutions in our stores and received such positive reviews that other stores wanted us to deploy the solution ahead of launch dates in other stores,” Stenstrom said.By the end of 2021, Stadium, with the help of RFID tags, Zebra handheld RFID readers, and SML’s Clarity® enterprise software, had deployed SML’s single-class RFID solution in 180 stores. Stadium’s inventory accuracy level is 99%,And overall sales recorded significant growth.Dean Frew, CHIEF Technology Officer and SENIOR Vice President of RFID Solutions at SML Group, said:”Having worked with Stadium for many years, we are pleased to see their performance as we have seen from Stadium’s experience that single-grade RFID is a proven technology,We will continue to support Stadium’s digital transformation journey in the future. “For more details, see

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