“The World” all acting good, but she received bad reviews, only voice, lines stiff

“The World” is now hot, the play was released on everyone’s love, whether it is the plot or the actor’s acting, have brought many surprises to the audience, but there is a bright feeling.Adapted from liang Xiaosheng’s novel of the same name, the drama depicts the ups and downs of a dozen ordinary people’s children in nearly 50 years from the perspective of three generations of a Zhou family living in a northern provincial capital city.Fully shows the experience of China since the reform and opening up tremendous social upheaval, praised the Chinese people’s struggle up, the arduous struggle the great journey, and integrity, self-esteem, self-improvement and hardworking beautiful heart now many young people feel about this s said don’t have much interest, as part of the plot will relatively boring, will not be able to attract people.But I was really impressed by “The World.” The main actors in the show, although acclaimed for their acting skills, never expected to be able to relate to the characters like this.Impresses people should be in the play, mine better sound as weeks grasp, mine better sound will be the hero character performance incisively and vividly, not like other brothers and sisters from home since I was a child, he was accompanied in her mother’s side since I was a child, so the character a bit weak, but I often feel unfair fate, so weak character also comes with a betrayal.But it was such a meek man who, in those days, in spite of worldly eyes, was determined to marry a woman who already had children.Chow Bingkun and his father in the station that quarrel dialogue, epic level, after hearing his father for so many years to pay false comments, Lei Jiayin will be the protagonist of the inner collapse and despair of the most incisive and vivid, Lei Jiayin also with this acting, success are hot search.Yin Tao played Zheng Juan, will be the original in this role of charm, feminine taste, performance is very wonderful.When the sun fell zheng Juan first appeared in the lens, not only Zhou Bingkun looked stunned, the audience before the screen was also completely captured.Although Yin Tao has been 42 years old, but because usually pays attention to the fitness, as well as the skin maintenance, so she wears two plaits, when playing the young girl, let a person feel is true character.Many of the young actors in the show have won praise from the public, but zhang Kaili, a veteran actor, is the one who stumps in the show. Every time she appears, netizens question her acting skills in a bullet screen.Zhang Kelly played Qu Xiuzhen in the play, in the original she is a resolute and decisive veteran cadres, is a very pleasing role, but Zhang Kelly did not interpret it, but is to give a person a feeling of zha Wha wha, very many netizens said that she played not veteran cadres, more like the neighborhood aunt.In addition, her facial expression also gives people the feeling of trying too hard. Every time, the acting has not been shown, but the whole mouth and face are trying hard, which makes people feel a little strange.It’s all old drama, but Sarzina’s acting is really touching, from the tear-jerking scene in the first episode when she shows up to say goodbye to her eldest son, it’s really impressive.Back also comfort yourself Zhou Bing said, mom like you stay by my side, you stay by my side, I feel steadfast, you don’t have to do anything, just like this is very good, let a person very moved.I do not know with the depth of the following plot, Zhang Kaili in acting will bring new changes and views to everyone.Let’s wait and see.

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