The disappearance of the official seal of the Chinese Soviet government caused an uproar when it was discovered 30 years later

In the autumn of 1958, Guo Taoren, from Pingjiang County in Hunan Province, went to work as a woodcutter in guanyuan Mountain Forest farm in Wanzai County, Jiangxi Province.He is young and strong, hard-working, conscientious and responsible, appreciated by the leaders of the field.Two years later, in 1960, he was transferred to jiankeng, near Tonggu County, as captain.In the autumn of 1963, Guo Xingren, guo Taoren’s younger brother, came from pingjiang to join his brother as a lumberjack.One day in October, the two brothers went up the mountain as usual.Halfway through the work, Guo Xingren went to relieve himself in the trees.Suddenly he saw an old, rotten black cow-leather trunk, like the one the doctor used to carry on his back, poking out of the weeds.Curious, Guo pushed through the weeds and the rotting leaves, and lifted the suitcase with his hands. The decayed suitcase immediately split into several pieces.A pile of paper mud emerged, and out fell a round silver-gray shape that stood out against the sunlight streaming through the dense forest.Guo Xingren picked it up and saw that it seemed to be a seal used by cadres to seal.Under the excitement, Guo Xingren took this thing and showed it to his brother Guo Taoren.Apart from his surprise, Guo taoren could not see what it was.After the work was done, the brothers went back down the hill to the logging station and washed the round object with water.Guo Taoren had a quick thought, so he dipped it into the wood logging team’s working clay and pressed several impressions on his notebook. A circle of patterns and words suddenly appeared.But both brothers knew only a few words, and could make out the patterns of axe, sickle, ear of rice, and five stars in the inner circle.Regrettably, Guo Taoren can only complain that he ate the loss of no culture, and finally bitterly put the circular seal stuffed in the clothing box.The team is based on uneducated lumberjacks who can’t ask for advice.With the busy logging work, guo Taoren gradually forgot about the seal.In the spring of 1964, after half a year’s search by the police and militia, Guo Taoren received a notice from the field department and went to wanzai county to attend a forestry meeting.During the meeting, Guo taoren, like many attendees, took notes in notebooks.Guo Taoren did not know how to write many words, so he asked the people around him in a low voice and taught himself how to write.But it’s not good to talk all the time during meetings.And midway next to a person to leave out, Guo Taoren thought it was to disturb others, the other party deliberately avoid him.So he listened and memorized. For the words he could not write, he drew some symbols he understood instead according to his own habit.To the morning of the meeting, the main hall of the hall stone column on the loudspeaker suddenly shouted a notice: “please guanyuanshan forest pit inspection team captain Comrade Guo Taoren, after eating immediately to the county public security Bureau reception room!”The announcement was broadcast three times.Guo Taoren listened to a surprise, feel inexplicable for wonderful, their work at ordinary times and county public security bureau no relationship ah!He continued to think: I am neither land, rich, anti, bad, right such “five types of elements”, usually quiet, nothing illegal behavior ah!In his nervousness, he had a quick lunch and went to the county public security bureau.A cadre surnamed Pan from the public Security Bureau received him.Lao Pan asked, “Did you bring your notebook?”Guo Taoren one zheng, immediately answered: “yes, the meeting must take.”As he took out his notebook and handed it over, he wondered: Why should I bother the public security when I talk to each other and don’t take it seriously?So he argued: “Comrade public security, I have a low education, little literacy, encounter can not write the word to draw some symbols instead, this is also no way.But I can assure you that there was absolutely no disrespect to the county leaders or dissatisfaction with the meeting.”Lao Pan did not answer him, but turned the pages of his notebook.Soon, Lao Pan turned to the page that Guo Taoren had sealed with the seal he had picked up six months earlier and asked him with a serious face what was going on.Guo Taoren was stunned and said it all over again.After hearing this, Lao Pan solemnly warned: this matter is very important, you are not allowed to leave the meeting site without being informed by the county public security bureau.Hearing this, Guo Taoren felt like falling into a forest mist.The next morning, the sleepless Guo Taoren received a notice: lead the way to pick up the seal.County public security bureau transferred three large trucks, full of police officers and militia a total of more than 100 people.This vast array, let Guo Taoren both frightened and confused.On the way, Lao Pan briefly explained to Guo taoren the origin of the seal, on which the words were “Executive Committee of the Hunan-Hubei-Gan Soviet Of the Soviet Republic of China”.That is to say, this seal is from the revolutionary War era, it is the official seal of the Soviet government.Guo Taoren a listen, the chin almost fell down!How did you let yourself encounter such a precious thing?But how did it end up in the wild mountains?The old pan with stern look said he did not know and was investigating.Immediately, Lao Pan informed Guo Taoren of two things: first, the seal should be unconditionally handed over to the government for preservation.Second, in the place where the seals were found, a comprehensive search should be conducted to see if there are any relics of the old Red Army or the remains of martyrs.When Guo Taoren heard this, he felt that it was really a big thing.Under the guidance of Guo Taoren, the team found the seal of the mountains and forests.More than 100 people searched the area.However, after a busy day, there are no new discoveries.Finally, Lao Pan took the seal handed over by Guo Taoren and returned to the county with large troops.Later, Guo Taoren learned that when he was taking notes in a meeting, he accidentally revealed the page with the seal on it when he asked someone next to him to write.People next to more culture, surprised, quietly left the venue, reported the public security department.Guo taoren eventually learned the legendary origin of the seal.Since September 1927, the hunan-Hubei-Jiangxi border area of more than 10 counties of some farmers self-defense forces, farmers, respectively under the leadership of the COMMUNIST Party of China held an uprising, the formation of several guerrilla, guerrilla activities.In July 1928, Peng Dehuai, Teng Daiyuan, Huang Gongliou and other leaders of the Pingjiang uprising, the establishment of the Red Army fifth army and pingjiang County Suviere government.In November, the red 5 Army commander Peng Dehuai, political commissar Teng Daiyuan led the red 5 army to the Jinggangshan area.Immediately after, the Red Army detachment and the local guerrillas through hard struggle in the northeast of Hunan Pingjiang, Liuyang, southeast of Hubei Daye, Yangxin, xiushui, Tonggu, Wanzai counties, and other areas, opened up a number of base areas.By June 1930, most of these base areas and the surrounding areas had become Soviet areas.From the winter of 1930 to the autumn of 1931, hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and Soviet Areas developed rapidly in the counter-campaign against “encircle and suppression”.In July 1931, the hunan-Hubei-Jiangxi Border area of the Communist Party of China held its first congress in Liuyang, Hunan and formed the Hunan-Hubei-Jiangxi Committee.In October 1931, the first congress of workers, Peasants and soldiers of hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee was held in Pingjiang County, Hunan, and the Soviet Government of Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi province was elected.In April 1932, hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and provincial Soviet government organs moved to pingjiang County, Tonggu County border wanzai County Xianyuan township office.During the fifth counter-campaign, the Hunan-Hubei-Kiangsu-Soviet area suffered the bloody suppression of the Kuomintang reactionaries, and Xianyuan was the enemy’s main target of attack.In January 1934, hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and provincial Soviet government organs all withdrew from Xianyuan and moved to Tonggu County.On the way of transfer, they were attacked by enemy ground and bombed by enemy aircraft, resulting in casualties and damage or loss of documents and articles.The silver seal of the Executive Committee of the Hunan-Hue-Gan Soviet Of the Soviet Republic of China was lost in the mountains during this period.It is believed that the comrade who kept the seal was wounded and buried it in this deserted place in case it fell into enemy hands.Later, the Hunan-Hubei-Jiangxi Soviet government switched to wood and made the same seal.But later, during frequent guerrilla battles and transfers, the wooden seal was also lost.So the Hunan-Hubei-Gan Soviet government made a wooden seal again.Later, with the development of the revolutionary situation, the third seal gradually lost its validity and became a valuable historical souvenir.Thus, “Executive Committee of Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi Province Soviet of Chinese Soviet Republic” successively had three seals: the first one was made of silver, and the last two were made of wood.The first silver seal, hidden in the mountains, “lost” 30 years later, was found by the woodcutter Guo Taoren brothers, handed over to the state.In 1994, it was recognized as a national first-class cultural relic.Now, this silver seal, displayed in the “Hunan-Hueh-Gan Revolution Memorial Hall” in Wanzai County, Jiangxi Province, has become a treasure of the town hall.The second seal was found years later by an old woman in Golden Cave.Unable to read, she used it as a lid for a tea can.Later, a cadre went to the countryside to visit, accidentally found, bought back after the collection, later collected by the cultural relics department.Today, the wooden seal is on display in the “Pingjiang Uprising Memorial Hall” in Pingjiang County, Hunan Province.These two small seals with the smoke of war, unfortunately lost.Lucky to be blessed by god, lying still on earth, lost and found, to see the light of day.They witnessed the hard years of the revolutionary War era, with extraordinary value and historical significance.Note: 1. The material of this article comes from the official website of “Pingjiang Uprising Memorial Hall”, the official website of “Hunan-Huan-Jiangxi Revolution Memorial Hall”.2. People in the text should be illustrated, so please do not take a seat.

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