The salt of Zigong for thousands of years

Zigong is a typical inland hilly terrain with narrow waterways.With the prosperity of the salt industry in Zigong, the wise ancestors opened a golden waterway for salt transportation, allowing the well salt of Zigong to reach Beijing, Ji and Chu, thus creating zigong, the earliest industrial enterprise cluster with high private capital and high production capacity in China.This afternoon, Mr. Lu Jian, a famous salt industry historical and cultural expert, painter and poet in Our city, gave a public lecture on the theme of “Salt in Zigong with thousands of miles of travel” in his city study.The formation and development of zigong’s stepped salt waterway were shared with the citizens and netizens listening to the scene.In the public lecture, Mr. Lu used vivid language to describe zigong well salt transport and marketing position in Sichuan salt.The formation of water and land road network of zigong well salt transportation and marketing and the difficult course of its development.In the past two thousand years, the ancestors of Zigong continuously utilized and transformed river channels in the process of salt production and transportation, leaving a series of large-scale industrial structures of zigong’s stepped waterway salt transportation sites (present).These sites have a long history, grand shape, clear history, unique functions and complete series of their own. They are the historical witness of zigong ancestors’ utilization and transformation of natural rivers for well salt production and transportation. They are important parts of the traditional well and mine salt production sites, with high historical and cultural value.Through Mr. Lu’s sharing, the citizens and netizens who listened to the scene realized the role and value of the historical and cultural heritage of water and land passage for salt transportation.They vowed to protect and make good use of the precious heritage presented by our ancestors so that it will play a greater role in the new era.Zhang Xuefeng, a volunteer from the 1997 Charity Public Welfare Association, said that Mr. Lu gave a thorough account of zigong’s thousand-year history of salt industry through the passage of salt industry transportation.A geology major, he is working on a salt-related business.I benefited a lot after listening to the lecture.It is understood that the public lecture is sponsored by zigong City Civilization Office, Zigong City Culture and Tourism Investment, zigong City Study and 977 love public welfare association.I hope that through such public lectures, more people can understand the culture and history of Zigong and carry forward the character of zigong.Watch zigong | Zigong News editor | Li Wanjiang editor | Yu Ling © Zigong Radio and Television Station

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