Youth group games | ilan Chen: “close” service “zero distance” communication

Chen Yilan, a junior student at communication University of China, is working as a photography assistant at the Media Operation Center of the National Cross-country Ski Center in Zhangjiakou area of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.On February 5, the first gold medal of the Winter Olympics was awarded, Chen, as A volunteer photography assistant, arrived early to wait at point A, which has A perfect view of the games.When Norway’s Thrace Johaiug pushed her way across the finish line, Chen cheered in disbelief: these are the Winter Olympics!The first gold has just been born!There are more than a dozen volunteer positions available for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and the photo assistant is the most coveted position because of its close-up view of the games.Chen Yilan, who loves photography and recording, also recorded the life of volunteers with her own lens.The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.The national Party media information public platform provides information dissemination services.ID: JRTT

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