Being fined 200 yuan for not replying to group messages and being “on call” during breaks?

A company in Guangdong province has been fined 200 yuan for failing to respond to a group message.The news quickly became a hot topic among netizens after it was circulated online.Many netizens said that they were often disturbed by news from leaders during their rest time.When questioned by the outside world, the company said that the punishment decision was made in accordance with the company’s regulations and rules.And in the past, the media has also exposed similar incidents.For example, in 2018, Ms. Wang, the manager of a beverage shop in Ningbo, was fired after 10 minutes because she went to bed early and did not reply to the message within 10 minutes as required by the head of the unit.Failure to respond to company messages during non-working hours is normal.Such harsh punishment provisions, so that many people said difficult to understand and accept.The topic of whether to return to work after working hours is also attracting attention.Screenshots from the company’s group chat show that the news is a holiday announcement, not an “emergency” in itself.There could be a number of reasons why the employee didn’t respond.For example, if the notification is at 17:56, many people are eating dinner or on their way from work, so it’s understandable that they didn’t respond to it in time.What’s more, even if employees respond “seriously,” they can only reply “received.”Therefore, the company wants to show the authority of its managers and strengthen the obedience of employees, rather than get the real opinions of employees in a timely manner.As for those company managers who send messages to their employees during rest time or even when they are sleeping, they are not only inhuman, but also suspected of violating the legitimate rights and interests of workers.Both legal regulations and ethical common sense tell us that every employee’s right to rest should be respected, and company managers have no right to require employees to be “on call” to harm the vital interests of employees.Even if employees reluctantly comply with this bizarre rule under pressure from their superiors, it can easily breed resentment over time, which is bad for the company’s management and long-term development.Instant messaging software is supposed to facilitate management, not help managers manipulate and “control” employees.In fact, in many cases, employees’ attitude towards the company can not be judged by whether they respond to messages in a timely manner. If they are too demanding in such matters, they will arouse antipathy.If you can’t use instant messaging and don’t understand the bottom-line logic of management, what good is management, no matter how “skilled” it is?Initiatives to motivate workers, no matter what they look like, need to respect the basic dignity of the human person and the basic rights of workers under the law.”No weird rules” and “no messing around during your break” are factors that many people value when looking for a job.In the above case, the attitude of the company involved will probably chill many employees, disgust onlookers and give managers of other companies a warning.At the same time, if the company really violated the right to rest or labor rights of employees, the injured employees can also take up legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.When more employees are willing to defend their rights, managers will be less likely to act recklessly, and less likely to bother people with bizarre rules.Source: China Youth Daily client

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