Break the silence of more than a year!Joe Biden finally acknowledged Tesla’s status as a leader in electric cars

It’s no secret that U.S. President Joe Biden and Tesla CEO Elon Musk don’t like each other, despite their mutual admiration for electric cars.But on Tuesday, Biden publicly acknowledged Tesla’s dominance for the first time as president, noting that the automaker is the largest producer of electric cars in the United States.Tesla, along with traditional automakers GM and Ford, and smaller electric car companies Rivian and Proterra, were mentioned by Biden in a speech aimed at promoting American companies to expand the country’s electric vehicle infrastructure.In his speech, Biden cited Tesla as an example of a company investing in U.S. manufacturing.”Since 2021, companies have announced investments totaling more than $200 billion in U.S. domestic manufacturing.From iconic companies like GENERAL Motors and Ford building new electric vehicle production, to tesla, the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in our country, to young innovative companies like Rivian and Proterra, the electric bus manufacturer.”He said.At Tuesday’s event, Mr. Biden also uncharacteristically did not talk much about unions.A supporter of labor unions, Biden has vowed to be the “strongest labor president ever” and attacked his predecessor Trump’s political record on organized labor.Biden also announced a new Tennessee plant by Australian charging equipment maker Tritium on Tuesday and praised Intel’s plans to build a large wafer fab in Ohio.He said higher domestic chip production would help us manufacturing and ease inflation.Biden’s mention of Tesla was unprecedented, as he has been silent about the company in public since becoming president, ignoring tesla’s progress in electric vehicles while touting its competitors.Even at a White House conference on electric vehicles, Biden invited only gm, Ford and other car leaders, but not Musk, and that was not the first time.Biden has also never visited any of Tesla’s U.S. production facilities or met publicly with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.The root of the conflict: Why did Biden hold a grudge against Tesla?The reason is the UNITED Auto Workers union.White House aides said Biden acted because he believes Tesla is anti-union.Tesla’s insistence on not joining the UAW and Musk’s opposition to employing organized labor have led to several rulings against him by the National Labor Relations Board.The UAW has made little headway in its efforts to unionize Tesla, and Musk has repeatedly derided the union and its supporters.And Mr Musk has been unhappy with Mr Biden’s support for unions and infrastructure spending plans, as well as his apparent indifference to Mr Musk, Tesla and the company’s leadership in electric vehicle manufacturing and charging infrastructure.Over the past few months, Musk has criticized and even mocked the president and other Democratic Party officials on Twitter and in media interviews.Late last month, Musk called Biden a “human wet sock puppet” and accused him of being “controlled by unions.”Previously, the Biden administration proposed an electric vehicle incentive package that would provide additional money for consumers to buy electric vehicles, but only if they were built by unionized workers.After a series of snubs from the US government, it’s not just Musk who has been irked, but some of Tesla’s loyal fans have also taken to their defense.Recently, Tesla fans started an online petition urging the White House to recognize Tesla’s lead.The petition had more than 58,000 signatures before Biden spoke.”This is an insult to the Americans who work for Tesla,” the petition reads, calling on Biden to “do the right thing and acknowledge tesla’s efforts to make electric cars possible.”

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