How handsome car Silver, cheng Xiao dare not look at it, even men are crazy

Silver car using only his face, it shows that, as long as you’re handsome, male than female powder powder still crazy, this once let Cheng Xiao all dare not look each other in the eye of the man, let the appearance level circle with a new term “face a genius”, as long as you put on a suit, silver car is flawless, what is a novel in the reality from birth have jinjiang men, top silver optimal configuration of car, because since I was a child grow good-looking,Take advantage of a lot, he said in the show, they were to have a meal, because you want to eat too much, the wife of shop-owner will take the initiative to give him free of charge, occasionally send small gifts had a special love bean ugly photo blogger, with a few silver crown after optimal, direct Posting said sorry, because the car is too handsome, silver 360 degrees no dead Angle, no ugly photo,And opened the car silver optimal past record, you will find that students with excellent grades and school hunk really can be the same person to enter the campus car silver, has always been the most important person in the school, not only because the level is too high in appearance, but also because, his admirable achievements, national Olympic math competition third place, result in the top three all the year round, he at this time, there is a great ideal, is was the first institution of higher learning,So, be an upright prosecutors said “goddess” in silver, car is playing too much, but at 15 years old, is the school celebration of silver car was one phase, the in the mind of the judge dream car silver, current star love beans, don’t have any interest, for this agent after his two blocks, also didn’t get a result that is,Scout unexpectedly moved into his house all the way, in an attempt to incite silver optimal parents and son advised when stars together, until the car silver admitted to high school, my parents only allow scout, car silver optimal also therefore, opens the trainee life silver car was even drag along, finally in 2016, members of official debut in Astro combinations, after the debut of silver car, just know that he was cheated,The company was not one of the big three, so it had little experience in the cultivation of Idol, but he never expected that something worse was to come. At that time, the popularity of BTS, Bigbang and EXO had led to the launch of Astro without any splash. Cha Realized that there was no hope for Idol.But pay to spoil the good grades in the childhood, silver car doesn’t agree he both academic and group work, and use the company’s film and television resources, making a few small role, try going to the film leg, the transfer of all of these, it was in 2017, “the revenge notes,” an unwanted role, falls to the silver car head but no one thought of,In 2016, several Korean dramas became very popular in China, and Chinese netizens began to be addicted to Korean dramas. As a result, revenge Notes, which was broadcast in 2017, also became popular. Among them, Che Yinyou, whose appearance was eye-catching, caused a lot of discussion and attracted the attention of many directors.Real car silver optimal fire all over China, Japan and South Korea “my ID is jiangnan beauty”, is not only a pure school hunk students with excellent performance and high IQ, or in the idol drama rare jian tea masters, so a person, just not too lovable, that time, only Astro in many also have a name and silver optimal also took to the car, a human milk was of no return, according to statistics, from 18 to 20 years,Astro combination, three years of income reached $8.9 billion, while the car is silver optimal one, he contributed 6.4 billion grades, therefore, how important is this facade bear, so when this face changes a little silver optimal by car will is widespread accusations of exactly how to grow up, will be mom says that you grow not good-looking, is such a piece,Even abandon mother’s face, has become a unified aesthetic genius rice ring face, silver optimal level peak car appearance, how handsome, to win the South Korea god yan for the title of the silver, and the car by only a beginning, ending and a stage, and became a wall of countless girls, even a fan says, even if your life is not his, but you must have a wall,Belongs to car silver optimal, even Han Yu reporter said he didn’t photogenic, because human look better but silver never make appearance advantage, 18 years after blasting red car silver, because the schedule is too full, and meet accident, the company agent run road, bad mood and pressure, cause skin condition is very poor, fans are also did not say what, he began to admit a mistake, in concert,Apologize to the fans just when you thought, silver is just a pure milk little dog, he is crazy kick the door in the variety, tell the people, he is a car is not so pure silver, silver appearance of people in public because of car, and when questioned his strength, the somebody else will take movie decibels, fitness gills shave hair chestnut head, a change in the past, image testified that it is not a vase, finishing the play at once and thin back,So, does a disciplined person shine everywhere

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