New retail “three mountains” : users, shopping guide, headquarters, small genius so move

Throughout the retail industry in recent years, brick-and-mortar stores have moved out and closed down, and the surviving enterprises have all begun to extend their tentacles to digitization, hoping to step into the new retail era smoothly with digital media.Many argue that traditional retail is failing because bricks-and-mortar rivals are too powerful: e-commerce has low costs, high traffic and high store rents.In fact, it is not consumers who “betray” the physical store, but the physical store is pushing away consumers: physical store information is not transparent I believe you have heard of the joke – “mother’s soul haggling”, the store price of hundreds of goods eventually sold at 50 yuan.In addition to commodity prices, promotional activities, new product release, after-sales service and other information are difficult to convey to target groups under the traditional retail mode. However, for young consumers who are accustomed to mobile Internet, they prefer to choose online stores with transparent information channels.Research shows that compared with the product evaluation on Tmall, consumers trust the module of “Ask everyone” more, or it can be seen from the popularity of KOL/KOC that consumers are more willing to trust real people.The reason why they do not go to physical stores is that the service quality of shopping guides has not kept up with them. Obviously, they come to spend money, but they have to suffer from anger. Finally, they choose online one-click consumption.Brand failed to impress the heart headquarters don’t direct contact with consumers, in the past by insight into consumer behavior to get the demand information, but as the personal information protection law, this method becomes more inflexible, headquarters for fuzzy attribute cognition, consumer to product usage and feedback information real-time and accurate enough, guide for guidance and training does not reach the designated position.In short, consumer dominance forces retail brands to change.Digital is one such attempt, the retail industry cannot leave the consumers, guides, headquarters, based on the three nodes, layer upon layer through data networks, structures, buy digital operations and stores management system, the integration of online service advantages, both and keep store, play its irreplaceable role, establish user, the integration of digital guides, headquarters.Under the new retail mode of users, product users are not only active at the end of sales, but also adapt to the network before brands. The undifferentiated service of traditional retail can not scratch the itch point of parents.Let users through the way of scanning code, and exclusive shopping guide to establish one-to-one binding relationship, provide customized services.Users can have real-time online conversations with exclusive shopping guides, enjoy instant services, and get activity information or coupons directly through mobile phones.Browse the latest products of Little Genius online and place an order. After confirming the order, the store manager of its exclusive store will contact logistics personnel to deliver the goods to your door.The operation and service mode of shopping guide is relatively traditional, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in real-time, precision, efficiency and professionalism.The post-80s and post-90s have been accustomed to using network platforms and tools to discover, understand and select the required services and products, while shopping guides still don’t know how to use network platforms and tools to discover customers and meet their needs.For the one-to-one exclusive connection between users and shopping guides established above, shopping guides can also find all their own exclusive users at the shopping guide terminal and operate for their own users.Guide to receive exclusive user information, convenient real-time communication with users;After digital armed, shopping guide is no longer rigid sales, but also can become a window for brand development members, using digital tools to manage and maintain user basic information, automatically generate user labels, 360° to build user portraits, accurate understanding of user preferences and consumption habits;Combined with user portraits, shopping guides push marketing tweets, store activities, greetings, event vouchers and other content provided by the headquarters to their exclusive users with one click;The system reminds the shopping guide to choose telephone, SMS, online and other appropriate ways to do user return visit at specific return visit time node, return visit content is recorded, convenient to check the index content and progress;The brand will link sales target, sales performance, focus on pulling new and other sales performance with the guide, so as to motivate the guide.Headquarters headquarters is difficult to reach consumers, guide is usually ACTS as a link in the middle, so the traditional sales mode, the guest list in the hands of shoppers, and insufficient training of headquarters to buy stores, customer resources has not been fully excavated, employee turnover, customer resources loss, after-sales service process is hard to follow, how to guide is not lost after leaving office to ensure that the member, service constantly layer?Headquarters link shopping guide, headquarters link users double head.Users who follow the platform and register their accounts through shopping guide business cards will be deposited in the member pool of the headquarters. Key behaviors of users at the user end will be recorded. Users’ comments, suggestions and shopping guide to improve user portraits can also be seen by the headquarters, helping the headquarters to better understand consumers.For the users deposited in the member pool, the headquarters can assign them to other shopping guides after the staff quits, so as to ensure the continuous service level;For the members who stay in the enterprise side, the headquarters can regularly send wechat pictures and texts, or define some marketing events that can be triggered automatically. For example, 3 days after the user leaves the store, it can send the user the introduction of the product that he/she is interested in, and give him/her a discount coupon.Headquarters can create marketing materials on the platform, write professional words, guide shopping to improve professional service and professional quality.The establishment of effective connections between users and shopping guides, shopping guides and headquarters, and between headquarters and users can help enterprises respond to market changes at high speed and provide quality services.The digital solution of “User + Shopping guide” has been online for only 14 months, and the scale of fans has shown a multiple growth. Among them, more than 90% of the new followers come from scanning the QR code of shopping guide. The highest number of new users in a single activity is more than 40,000, and the card coupon cancellation rate is over 90%.

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