Stop frame happy smiling face, Chen Hu town official zhang village for the villagers free shooting family photo

Recently, in order to send festive blessings to thousands of families, create a peaceful and happy New Year atmosphere, so that the Spring Festival is full of different “New Year flavor”, Chen Hu town official Zhang village hired professional photographers for free for the villagers to take a family photo, retain time, retain the warm moment.At the scene of the activity, all the villagers wore new clothes and smiled in front of the camera. Their simple and beautiful figures were frozen in the sound of the shutter clicking. The happy and happy family photos left good memories for the villagers.It is reported that the activity from the first day of the first month, three days, is expected to shoot 50 pieces of family photo works, the village will be free for everyone to develop 24 inches of family photo, villagers have for the village two committee intimate arrangement praise.Since taking office officer Zhang Cunxin two committees organized group, first secretary of the guide, demonstration, through a network, Bridges, strengthen the village party organization as the core of village-level organizations supporting construction, rectify village-level organizations, paying special attention to the party to promote poverty reduction, pays special attention to the rural grassroots party building as a whole, “beautiful country” and “wisdom country” construction work and so on, officer, zhang village, to realize the great change.Seeking development for the village, helping the villagers get rich, realizing the win-win situation of collective income and villagers getting rich is the biggest goal of the current village and village committees.Through household investigation, in-depth understanding of the village, master all kinds of circumstances, for the status quo of Guanzhang village, their own advantages and future development direction, the village two committee team in the heart of their own.I believe that in the near future, under the joint efforts of the two village committees and all the villagers, Guanzhang Village will usher in a new development opportunity, a “rich people, ecological beauty” of the new official Zhang Bi will appear before us.

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