A shares: PicC and other important announcements of seven companies

Picc announced that by February 15, 2022, the end of the reduction period, the SOCIAL Security Fund has reduced its 1.6005% stake in total, reaching 80.02% of the planned reduction.2, new fengming: sinopec to its wholly owned subsidiary of science and technology new fengming announcement capital 1.2 billion yuan, a wholly owned subsidiary company sinopec technology with its own funds to its wholly owned subsidiary of dushan energy increased by 1.2 billion yuan of registered capital, the new registered capital after the dushan energy change of registered capital is 4 billion yuan, and is still the sinopec is a wholly owned subsidiary of science and technology, the company is a wholly-owned youthful.The company’s wholly-owned subsidiary zhongshi Science and Technology co., LTD. ‘s capital increase to its wholly-owned subsidiary Dushan Energy Will further improve the financial structure of Dushan Energy and promote its sustainable and stable development.3, Wandong medical: non-public offering of shares was approved to reply to the announcement of Wandong Medical, recently the CSRC approved the company’s non-public offering of not more than about 162 million shares of new shares, the occurrence of share capital and other circumstances resulting in changes in the total share capital, can adjust the number of this issue.4, Yingke Medical: plans to invest 10 million yuan in the fund special investment feiya Chemical Yingke Medical announcement, the company plans to invest in Guoyue Junan No. 8 (Taizhou) equity investment partnership (limited partnership) with Shanghai Guoyue Junan Equity Investment Fund Management Co., LTD.The total subscribed capital of the partnership is 105 million yuan, of which 10 million yuan is subscribed by the company.The partnership will invest exclusively in the equity of Jiangsu Feiya Chemical Industry Group Co., LTD through equity investment.5. Tien Stock: Joint venture with Huasheng New Energy to set up solar HJT Heterojunction Module Project Tien Announced that it signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Anhui Huasheng New Energy Technology Co., LTD., and reached an agreement on the joint venture to set up solar HJT heterojunction module project company.6. South Wind Stock:Holding to acquire companies in south China sea was foshan sasac approval shares announcement, south Yangtze river, the company controlling shareholder, actual controller Yang Zewen, more than 5% of shareholders QiuYunLong on December 31, 2021, and the south China sea holdings signed share transfer agreement, this agreement after the completion of the transfer of shares, the company controlling shareholder will change to the south China sea,The actual controller will be changed to The State-owned Assets Supervision Administration of Nanhai District, Foshan City.Recently, Foshan SasAC approved the transaction.Sinosteel Tianyuan announcement, the company in 2021 to achieve total operating revenue of 2.588 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 54.76%;Net profit of 212 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.59%;Basic earnings per share 0.3 yuan.

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