Additional electric suction doors?There’s no need. Nio is making a big move

It is true that technology has made people lazier and lazier, because they are unwilling to close their car doors.The principle of the electric suction door is not complicated, the door plate is equipped with electromagnetic coil, when the door is opened, the coil has a current through the magnetic field, so that the door and the door frame is relatively close, it can be automatically sucked.Of course, the main role of the electric suction door is still reflected in comfort and safety, such as closing the vibration of the car is less, at the same time, automatic suction can also avoid the door not completely locked.The disadvantage is that it costs more and is more prone to failure.Some people also spend extra money to install the electric suction door, but do not know that some models, the original factory charged suction door.Nio ET5: The whole system standard distribution intake door ET5 is widely praised for its design, while it does not affect the car’s low posture due to the shortened body (compared with ET7).If you buy a car under the BaaS battery rental program, the starting price before ET5 subsidy is 258,000 yuan.The 75kWh model of the entry version is standard equipped with four electric suction doors, that is to say, 258,000 yuan can drive a model with electric suction doors home, which is also the cheapest model with this configuration on sale.ET5 and ET7 use a similar watchtower liDAR design to help improve the range of perception.The Adam supercomputing platform, which consists of four NVIDIA Orin chips, managed to reach 1016TOPS.The ET5’s interior design is well received, with some European decoration style, showing a good affinity.Interior style is simple and intelligent configuration is very rich, a large number of environmental protection materials package also reflects the clean energy car should have the “luxury”.The ET5 uses a dual-motor four-wheel drive system with a total motor power of 360kW and an acceleration time of 4.3 seconds from 0-100km/h.The CLTC range corresponding to 75/100/150kwh battery pack is ≥500km, ≥640km, and ≥1000km respectively.Ideal ONE, electric suction door to obtain: optional price.Ideal ONE is the only model under ideal Brand. In 2021, the annual delivery volume of Ideal ONE reached 90,491 units, which is also the best selling model among medium and large SUVs in China.Not long ago, Ideal Motors launched the Ideal ONE upgraded electric suction door service.This electric suction door can be closed in the range of 7mm, which means that the door can be closed automatically when the door is half-locked.At the same time, in the process of suction, if you accidentally clip something, you can quickly pull the door handle inside and outside the car, which can trigger the self-suction interruption.The electric suction door upgrade service is available on the ideal ONE model for 2020 and 2021, and installation service is currently available in most parts of the country.But the design service won’t be back online until May because of a chip shortage.The Ideal ONE stands out in terms of intelligence and configuration, with four screens as ONE of its main selling points.A large amount of soft materials and leather wrapping are a sense of class.However, the Ideal ONE is more homely, with a focus on comfort rather than luxury.For the 2021 model, the Ideal ONE will retain only a six-seater version.Comfort configuration, including rear independent air conditioning, rear seat electric adjustment, heating, massage and other functions will not be absent, comfort pull full.Ideal ONE is a range extender drive, the power system consists of a range extender and an electric motor.The range extender uses a 1.2TL3 engine, with a motor driving the front and rear axles respectively. The comprehensive power of the system is 245kW, and the comprehensive working condition of NEDC can reach 1080km.G80 is positioned as a medium and large car, the whole system of imports, rear drive layout and rich configuration is its foothold magic weapon.The net design of G80 is very much diamond mesh interwoven, which is really rare in BBA of the same level.Generics G80 standard power distribution door, starting price is only 362,800 yuan, this is also the cheapest imported car with electric door.In this configuration alone, “5”, “6” and “E” are not even comparable, only the S-class, 7 series, A8 big brother.In addition to the appearance, the interior is also unique, the G80 in the design and materials to show the top grade.In terms of comfort configuration, the front seats are equipped with heating, ventilation and massage (driving position), and the rear seat comfort configuration of secondary and top models is full.The G80 adopts a longitudinal 2.5T+8AT power combination. In terms of data, its 304 horsepower is similar to that of the “5, 6 and E” high-power models, and its power is also a big highlight.The G80 is also available in a four-wheel-drive model for 382,800 yuan.Volkswagen Faon is built on MLB platform, you can think of it as audi A6L with VW logo, but the former is much more luxurious.Perhaps, because it is a popular model that can sell for 400,000, it is doomed to be a hit.In the sale of models cut the V6 version, once 650,000 price is to catch up with the A6L.In addition to the entry-level 380TSI luxury version, the other two models are equipped with electric suction doors.Even the flagship version, including the terminal preferential landing price will not exceed 400,000 too much.Hui ang interior match color more slant sedate, used very much brunet wood grain to act the role ofing board, with cream-colored coriaceous collocation appears advanced feeling is very.Hui-ang more pursue to increase the visual width of the interior, really remind people of the old brother Hui-teng.The 3.0T Phaeon is impressive, and the current model only offers 2.0T+7DCT power combination.And the air suspension and car refrigerator and other configurations only need to be matched to achieve, bought back as a low-key business car is absolutely the best choice.In general, electric suction door modification is common in the rear market.Just like panoramic images, modification shops can provide more mature modification programs.So, do you think an electric suction door is a chicken rib?

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