China and those important “firsts” and children look forward to the Winter Olympics

In order to provide parents with special family education guidance during the special period, the All-China Women’s Federation launched the “Special Family Education during the Special Period” wechat column, parents can learn family education knowledge through the family education micro class.Children have a natural intimacy with the ice and snow. This winter, when the whole family is having fun in the ice and snow, they can also talk about the important “firsts” of China and the Winter Olympics with their children.When winter arrived, children were attracted by a variety of snow and ice projects. They had snowball fights, made snowmen, pulled sleds and sat on ice carts to enjoy the unique fun of winter.Have children ever asked questions like, “Daddy, who is the world champion of snowball fights?””Mom, if I build the world’s tallest snowman, can I get a gold medal?”In fact, many snow and ice events are not only games, but also competitions.In the arena of the Winter Olympics, there are not only common events such as skating and skiing, but also strange events such as curling and bobsled.The Winter Olympics came to China for the first time. Many people are both familiar with it and unfamiliar with it. In fact, our relationship with the Winter Olympics began a long time ago.When did China participate in the Winter Olympics for the first time?In 1980, the thirteenth Winter Olympics were held in Lake Placid in the United States, which was the first time our country practiced “ice” in the Winter Olympics.China sent a total of 28 men and women athletes to participate in skating, skiing, modern biathlon 18 individual events.Although there is a big gap between China’s men and women players and the world’s advanced level for the first time, none of them entered the top six, but this debut show is still of great significance for Chinese athletes.Mom and dad can say, kid, when faced with a new challenge, do we confront it or do we avoid it?Face it, of course.Just like the athletes who represented China for the first time to participate in the Winter Olympic Games, standing bravely on the field, representing the motherland, going all out to participate in the competition and learning the advanced technology of other excellent athletes with an open mind is the first step to success.When did China win the first medal in winter Olympics?In 1992, The 16th Winter Olympic Games in Albertville, France, China finally achieved a breakthrough of zero MEDALS in this session.Chinese athletes won three silver MEDALS, among which ye Qiaobo, a female speed skater, fought hard to win silver MEDALS in the 500-meter and 1,000-meter speed skating events.Although missed the gold medal, but its indomitable spirit, for the majority of athletes and the audience praise.Twelve years after China first competed in the Winter Olympics, Ye Qiaobo won China’s first medal in Winter Olympics history on his own welded skate shoes.In these 12 years, athletes have never given up, continue to learn and progress, finally ushered in the first winter Olympics medal!When we meet difficulties, we should also have the spirit of never giving up.Who is China’s first Winter Olympic champion?Yang Yang of China won the women’s 500-meter short track speed skating final at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.Later, she won another gold medal in the women’s 1000 meters.Mom and Dad can say this: Ten years after winning their first medal, China has finally achieved zero gold MEDALS at the Winter Olympics.Behind this meaningful gold medal, is the solid accumulation of step by step, is the boring training day after day, is still endure injuries……Son, if you want to stand on the top podium, you must pay hard work, and have the spirit of pursuing excellence, success is not easy.For the Winter Olympics, China is just like an ignorant child growing into a vigorous youth: from taking the first step carefully 41 years ago, to now establishing its own strengths, and to hosting a winter Olympics that will attract the attention of the whole world!I believe that in this Winter Olympics, China will create more “firsts”, let us and our children look forward to.Source: Beijing Family Education Research Association

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