Lady Thatcher was decisive in her life, and commented on Diana: idle lady, naive fashion model

The former prime minister and Queen Elizabeth were contemporaries and political stars, so they were supposed to be on friendly terms. Instead, Thatcher was known for standing up to invitations, making sarcastic remarks and refusing to wear the same clothes as the Queen.Thatcher’s attitude to the British royal family was not merely bitter towards the Queen, but during her tenure she was scathing about Diana, the much-loved princess of England, as “a laid-back dame, an innocent fashion model”.Many accused Mrs Thatcher of being too cold for a junior.But looking back at her and Diana’s life, one can see that her assessment was based on her own experience, and perhaps taken for granted.Having spent her life breaking away from a predetermined fate and forging ahead on her own, she might have been a bit disinclined to be a typical British aristocrat, a “honey pot girl” like Diana.Born Margaret Hilda Roberts in a grocery store in Lincolnshire, England, in 1925, Thatcher was a studious girl who wanted to push the boundaries of her upbringing.In 1961, Diana was born in Norfolk, England, is the earl of Spencer’s youngest daughter, she was not good at school, for exams, but she likes to read a variety of romance novels, romance novels into their own life, often have some romantic fantasy and lovely little paranoid.At the age of 18, Thatcher entered Somerville College, Oxford, to read chemistry.In Oxford University, she set the goal of entering politics, and made great efforts to participate in the internal election of the campus, and became the chairman of the Conservative Party and the chairman of the Student Union of Oxford University. During that time, if you go to Oxford University, you will see many pictorials with her picture on them.Diana was 18 years old that year, met the future King of England Charles, his handsome face, bright eyes, attracted Diana’s heart.They met at a party when Charles, 31, walked up to Diana and struck her up. She was so flattered that she never expected a romance novel to happen to her, even though she knew he had been her own sister’s boyfriend.At the age of 26, Thatcher married denis, a kindred spirit who was a wealthy second generation partner.After marriage, she has a good family environment, Dennis gave her the utmost care and tolerance, but also willing to use financial support for her campaign.Thanks to denis’s help, Thatcher’s career also took off and she was elected as a Conservative MP in 1959.When Diana was 20, Charles proposed to her in camilla’s back garden, and she arrived at the engagement party in a beautiful Chinese horse-faced dress, glowing with anticipation of a big royal wedding.She wore a white gown with bubble sleeves and Charles wore a black military uniform for the wedding, which was televised in countries around the world.Diana’s married life was, as Thatcher put it, “an idle lady, an innocent fashion model”.She didn’t need to work or read to enhance her resume, she just needed to dress up and be the icing on the cake at many a dinner party or celebrity social event, like a flower blooming on earth.From the side, of course, it was her job to dress up for royal duties, and her clothes were never the same, nor were they the same in style, from the glamorous exotic one-shouldered dresses to the white dresses that made her look like a fairy.It was also at this stage that the lives of Lady Thatcher and Diana were marked by a “watershed”.This difference between them is also the life of many women after marriage: some continue their career, marriage, with the support and approval of the lover, career sunshine, smooth.There are still others who, after marriage, begin to have children, take care of husbands and children, and if they live a rich life, become idle ladies.It is always impossible to judge who is right and who is wrong in these two lives. Everyone has different choices and can make full use of their value in the position that suits their own needs. However, it is clear that Lady Thatcher had a sense of superiority in her heart when facing a “housewife” like Diana.But fate is the same for all of us. No matter what choice we make, no matter how we interpret our life, there are only two outcomes, good or bad.In February 1975, Margaret thatcher was elected leader of the conservative party, she began to have the intersection between the British royal family, also started a radical reform, the implementation of various economic and political measures, but she had been different class people, some people love her others hate her, her make a lot of low-income groups such as free milk supply,It used to make people hate each other.But Mrs. Thatcher’s life had long been used to sharpness, to sharpness herself and to exposing herself to the sharpness of other people’s eyes. She had a decisive way of doing things, never naivety or tenderness.Her son was very unworthy and not filial to her, which made her live in her old age very upset. Some people said that the worst thing in her life was that she had an excellent life without a filial child.In the last years of her life, Mrs. Thatcher would often sit in her room, looking at family photos and reminiscing about old times.Diana also encountered a sudden frustrated in life, I wonder if…… there is some coincidence, Margaret thatcher’s 11 years, from 1979 to 1990, with the love line produced overlapping of Charles and Diana, it was two people in this more than ten years, from the newlyweds sweet young couple, to make the trot, exhausted.Diana and Charles officially broke off their engagement on August 28, 1996. She died a year later.The only irony is that Mrs Thatcher, who refused to live in mediocrity, was a political elite and not a woman of leisure, did not have family and love in her old age;Diana’s life is devoted to the cultivation of love, although she did not harvest love in Charles, but she harvested the love of the whole UK and even the world, but also has two handsome tall sons, miss her miss to the bone, willing to use a lifetime to defend her interests.Perhaps fate is indeed fair, in which aspects of life to pay the most, will be able to achieve in which aspects of return and achievement.

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