The rural self-built house on the first floor is designed with no Windows on the back and a compact and practical internal layout

People’s first impression of villa is always the construction cost of millions of mansions, in fact, villa is not so expensive in the impression.Choosing to build a small villa in the countryside is also a good choice, both economical and practical.For the elderly in the home just good, a pension room or there are many advantages, the cost is not high everyone can build.Set aside some of the cost and decorate the yard well to achieve good results.Today xiaobian will introduce a rural self-built house design interested in friends come to see it!Drawing introduction: rural one-floor villa design, comfortable and practical recommended collection of this villa covers an area of less than 150 square, small family design more handy.Architectural style using the current popular new Chinese style style, and full details on appearance modelling, on the basis of the original Chinese joined the popular factors make housing more vigor, of rice yellow true stone lacquer is tie-in and colorful culture stone able to bear or endure look simple, convenient and daily care, durability service life is long, enough to pass three generations.The interior layout is compact but very rich and practical to ensure all aspects of the head of the household living, to ensure your life comfortable and convenient, the cost of economic and practical, especially suitable for rural self-construction!Floor area: 15m x 10.15m 137.46 square meters height: the first floor of the front renderings of the bird’s eye view renderings of the side renderings design features: the first floor of the layout of the living room, study, public health, bedroom (toilet), kitchen, dining room, bedroom (cloakroom), chess and card room, bedroom first floor layout:Entering the house, there are three bedrooms, two of which have bathrooms and cloakrooms to enhance the utility of the house.The design of the chess and card room also provides a recreational area for the householder in his spare time.Kitchen and restaurant connected with the middle of the sliding door partition to save space while greatly improving the utilization rate of indoor space!Above is xiaobian today to bring you all the content of the interested friends don’t forget to click on the like attention yo ~!

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