The snow thickness in Hubei and Anhui exceeded 23cm!The wet and cold weather will last for a week. Will it be a disaster?

Today is the second working day after the New Year, I believe many friends are on their way to the company from home.After half a month of rain and snow, there was a sunny day just now. As a result, there were several heavy snow yesterday, which hindered many people’s way back.However, this situation will continue in the coming days!According to the weather forecast, in the year of the Tiger to the strongest rain and snow weather process to the most extensive range of influence, of course, the rain and snow is mainly concentrated in the south, in the first working day after the festival, Hangzhou West Lake reappeared broken bridge remnants of snow, Nanjing people achieved a “ice pier pier”.From today, the warm and wet air from the southwest will continue to transport, and the rainy weather will continue in most parts of the south. The wet and cold feeling will last for a week in many places, which is worthy of the name “wet and cold week”.Is still the biggest impact several provinces in central region, such as hubei and anhui, before they ever seen thickness more than 10 cm of snow, and continuous snowfall over the next few days, the average snowfall thickness will also further accumulation, hubei xianning and Yellowstone, anqing, anhui chizhou and luan local snow depth up to 10 ~ 23 cm.Are you a little scared?Because it is now the Winter Olympics in full swing, “ice dun dun” has become a memorial we will grab, and the southern partner, but now do not have to worry about this, because you can use their own thick snow accumulation out of the “ice dun dun”.The wet and cold weather of this round will last for a long time due to the low temperature and sufficient water vapor in the south. It is expected that rain and snow will be indispensable for more than a week from now to 16th.In addition to the obvious snow in the north, the central provinces will also see snow.Only southern China is likely to see rain, with more than 100 millimeters in southern Jiangxi, Guangdong, Fujian and Hainan.This kind of large-scale, long time rain and snow weather, for now the largest population epidemic time, is really will have an impact, so on the road friends, must pay more attention to.Of course, many people are thinking about a problem, that is, the year of the Tiger has just begun, the continuous occurrence of such rare rain and snow weather, will be a disaster?After all, no matter in 2016 or 2008, just because of snow disasters, both caused huge losses, will there be another time?If only from the performance, although this time is also relatively rapid, and even la Nina phenomenon continued to affect, but the severity is obviously not enough.There is no need to worry too much about the lack of water vapor and the degree of temperature drop.On the contrary, this kind of snow before and after the year, is a kind of “auspicious snow, good harvest” feeling, this kind of snow, I believe that 2022 is a good omen, will bring good luck, whether it is career, life or family, everything will go well.

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