What you need is not a hospital, but a change in health

There is a saying among the people: “Divide three and rule seven”!In fact, in the process of patient rehabilitation, doctors and drugs play less role, the body’s recovery depends more on self-regulation, that is, the process of repairing self-healing power.There is also a powerful self-healing system in our bodies, including immunity, rejection, repair (healing and regeneration), endocrine regulation, stress and so on.When the body is uncomfortable, these self-healing systems take on their own roles to help harmonize the body’s balance.However, if this ability is destroyed, the barrier of the body cannot be repaired. Even if Hua Tuo is reborn, his life cannot be saved.For example, when you catch a cold, you will get better slowly after a week, because your immune system is fighting against the virus.Some people will have an allergic reaction after eating seafood, which belongs to the body’s rejection of foreign protein;The wound stops bleeding automatically, and a week later scabs will form again, and then the skin will heal because of the healing ability.It is important to note that in the process of the regulation of the body’s self-healing system, used to weaken or temporarily shut down at the expense of some physiological activities, in order to reduce the consumption of nutrient, or make human body some local show some symptoms, such as fever, some parts may be reminded human body have inflammation, and fever is self-healing system beneficial to adjust in order to heal the body.How do we protect our self-healing system?1. Rest Rest is the most effective way to recover energy when you are tired.We can promote metabolism and cell regeneration during sleep.2. Sports sports can strengthen the body, through some suitable for their own way of exercise, can stretch joints, enhance lung capacity, reduce fat, especially for the recovery of some chronic diseases is very beneficial.3. Mentality “liver blood storage is the main drainage”. A bad mood affects the drainage of the liver, which leads to the limitation of liver blood storage and insufficient blood transport, so that all organs of the body cannot work well.Nutrition Nutrition is also called “shui Gu Jing wei” in Chinese medicine, which means the essence of food that can be absorbed by the body after digestion and is beneficial to human health.Only a balanced diet can give the body the most perfect nutritional supplement.So the doctor is only “often help, always comfort, sometimes cure”, only their own good use of self-healing self-conditioning, the disease will recover quickly.Of course, the use of self-healing ability to cure disease is only applicable to the prevention and treatment of “no disease” and the disease at the beginning, if it is some emergency, severe or chronic disease, natural or interventional medical means, symptomatic treatment.

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